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  1. Well the day has arrived. I have 2 slabs of marinating loin backs and a brand new and newly seasoned Dyna Glo 43" wide body.
    Ceasar is going to smoke some ribs.

    I use my own rub that I just found out is almost identical to Billbo's rub. I add some true lime granules for a bright finish on the flavor.

    Mesquite chunks and water in my wood box.
  2. Covered for longer smoke times.

    Then the water pan gets a combination of apple orange and pinapple juice. Also two bottles of ZÖN beer.

    Of couse the chef needs a KC Pils to help the process.

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  3. 5 to 6 hours from now I will post some pics of the finished product. In the meantime I am jamming to some Five Finger Death Punch and some VOLBEAT. Good times.
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  4. Some chicken also
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  5. b-one

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    Looks like a great first run!
  6. Nice, that's the way to break in the new smoker.

    Show us some after smoke and money shots of the goodies!
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    Looks great so far!


  8. Smoke beautiful smoke

  9. Good pull back. A little too tender as the meat just fall off the bone. The crust is AMAZING.
  10. The crust tastes like sugar cured bacon...soooo good. Meat is juicy even though I had some cooking issues. I had to halt the cooking process twice to fix wood smoke issues. It won't happen next time.

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