Breakfast in a sausage ?

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by knotfree, Oct 9, 2016.

  1. Was just eating sausage and hash brown potatoes with my lil grandson..

    Had an idea of trying Pops breakfast sausage , then add hash brown potatoes,bacon and hi temp cheese.Maybe a bit of onions or bell peppers too. Stuff into hog casings.

    Anyone ever try anything like this?  

    Sure my 2 year old grandson (and i ) would eat something like this on a Sat. morning.
  2. chef jimmyj

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    Sure, Anything that will pass through the stuffer can be put in a casing. Just make sure that all gets heated to an IT of 165°F when cooked...JJ
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  3. crankybuzzard

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    Like Chef Jimmy said, it'll work for sure.

    If you're going to smoke the sausages before freezing, I do recommend the following.  Precook the bacon to about the 1/2 way point, that helps render out some of the fat.  Then chill it and grind into the sausage, or chop and add to the ground sausage.

    For the potatoes, I have found that using raw shredded potatoes makes for some ugly bits in a sausage.  Get some of the frozen hash browns and shred those up.  They look a lot better and do well in the long sit in the moist sausage mix without turning the reddish brown that raw potatoes do.  (yes I use fresh potatoes in my Swedish potato sausage, but they get poached almost as soon as they are stuffed)

    For the cheese, the high temp will work great for you and I wouldn't add it over 5% total weight of the sausage.  It doesn't take much cheese to get too cheesy.

    Also, if you're going to smoke these in the way most of us do, please use a cure.  If you plan to cook them hot and fast, you'll be fine without the cure if you get the IT to 165.
  4. Thanks for the hints. Had thought about a couple of them , like par cooking the bacon and using frozen hash browns . Will give it a try next time i am making  sausage. 
  5. dward51

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    I second pre-cooking both the bacon and the hash browns.  You don't want the hash browns to become potato mush (basically a flavorless filler at that point) in the sausage.  I would griddle fry them up to get some carmalization on them and then course chop before stuffing.  I would think that would hold together and give you the hash brown effect you are thinking about.  Might even brown up some onions with them.

    Sounds like an interesting project.  Post photos and info if you do it!!!!!
  6. chef jimmyj

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    I would not use shredded hash browns. There are the Cubed Breakfast Potatoes some with peppers and onions (potatoes O'brian) or cut up Hash Brown Patties...JJ

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