Brazilian meat and black bean stew

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    Sometimes called the national dish of Brazil, feijoada is one of my favorites, and often prepare it for our New Year's party.  The recipes were given to me by a friend living in Rio

    Meats included corned beef, beef roast, baby back ribs, linguiça, andouille, salt pork, and smoked pork hocks.  If you've never tried it, I'd definitely recommend the dish - the broth is unlike anything I have ever eaten because of the mixture of meats and black beans.  So rich, all I could eat was a single bowl

    A tradition of my friend is to serve a shot glass full of the broth laced with as much heat as you like - it is said to prepare the palate for the feijoada

    Plated on a bed of white rice and garnished with greens and orange slices

    Preparing Dulce de leche - a can of condensed milk in a pot simmering while the feijoada cooked

    Dulce de leche with cheese - this is what the condensed milk looks like when done - tasted like caramel - silky smooth. Strange as it sounds, a mild white cheese was topped with the dulce de leche.  Tasted marvelous

  2. Don't forget your chicken necks and such.. ;)

    I went to Brazil this past summer for a Beef Industry study abroad with my University... It was an amazing experience!! The barbecue and food was definitely one of the past parts!! Feijoada is one of their staple dishes.  Basically a culmination of meats and black beans. A few of the ranch families served us lunch, and you had to watch out for the bones in there to.  Haha but otherwise very very tasty! [​IMG]

    It looks very good!  
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    I had my students make Feijoada as part of the Brazilian Cuisine segment of International Cooking. Great dish and gets better the next day and so on. Looks great...JJ
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    Looks fantastic! This is a good one that I like to make in the cream can cooker! Yum!
  5. I worked in Brazil for a few years and they made this on the rig every Monday. The beans were good but I would always pick out the snouts and ears they put in it in Brazil LOL
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    Thanks for the comments, gents [​IMG]

    We can't get pig ears and snouts here, and at first thought, they sound kind of gross.  However, my mother was German and loved to fix pigs feet and hocks, both of which are rich in collagen due to the ligaments holding the bones together. When cooked long enough, the collagen melts into a sticky but yummy treat that I dearly love.  It almost feels like fat, but has a more firm texture and is pure protein. Because ears and snouts are rich in cartilage, which also melts in a similar way, I imagine it might result in a similar experience.  Admittedly, it is likely an acquired taste as quite a few of my friends have problems with some of the foods I appreciate [​IMG]
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    Can't speak for Snouts but Pigs Ears are great! Braised or Stewed until tender, has the texture of Bologna but a lot more flavor...JJ

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