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  1. Good Day To All,

    i am about to embark on my first Braunsweiger adventure. i have looked at many recipes from Rytek (cant say enough about this book everyone should have this reference) to posted is my dilemma,

    1)  all the recipes seem to want to simmer in water until IT is reached,

    My Question is...Has anyone tried "Muslin" for casings?? What would be any drawbacks???

    My plan is to once the "Muslin" casings are filled i will place into a vacuum sealed bag prior to the water bath to keep the water from the meat.

    Some recipes call for a synthetic casing that is water resistant and as far as i can find they are not available in the US but can be found in Canada....Has anyone any experience with these casings???

    Question is... are they that necessary or is it possible that my over thought method Might?? be on to something that could work?

    Or just use the standard Mahogany Collagen casings???

    Thank you for your input and time in advance,

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    Tom I just checked the recipe IMHO I think using and oven would eliminate the water problem.I would not use the Muslin 

    Hope this helps and I always use less salt then he recommends 

  3. Richie, Thank You For Your Input,

    1st) we always tend to use less salt when applicable but if you check his as well as other old word mixes....pig snouts are a main ingredient...suppose Costco carries them?[​IMG] that is a work  around for sure.

    2nd) the oven is a great possibility....maybe 200degrees? or i am able to go as low as 170degrees with mine...Thoughts?

    what are your thoughts on the not using the muslin? removal? or sanitary? or something  else?

    Thanks, Tom
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    After cooking he still wants them showered with 180* water 

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    I would think that using the oven might increase overall cooking times and could lead to drying out or separating in muslin. My rationale is that air is a very poor conductor of heat especially when compared to water. However, submerging in a water bath in the oven could work.
  6. B, thank you for the input

    Richie, Thank You for your thoughts. as we later discussed you have a very valid point

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    Tom I've never made Braunswieger. So I haven't a clue on any of it. I'd try the muslin in the vac pack bag and sous vide them. Make a small 1 pound chub as a tester. Or make two. Try one that eat and one in the oven. Two pounds of meat isn't a great expense. Who knows you might have great results and a new method will be formed.
  8. Case,

    You know a test is not a bad idea DOH...Thanks for getting me back on track.

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  10. Thanks JJ,

    this is one of the recipes that i have saved. i have gone thru many different ones to see what is common to each and what adjustments had been made (for personal tastes) and styles. i think we are about ready to pull the trigger on this adventure. i will post the progress once done.

    Again Thank You,

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