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    A big thanks to Couger78 for the previous post about Braunschweiger!!

    I made up 5lbs of Rytek's recipe. A little variation though, I didn't really want to use pig snouts... although I did see some in the store the other day when I bought the pork liver!

    I also didn't have soy conc. so I used nonft dried milk instead.

    Here it is mixed.


    My wife says I can't make this anymore.... the smell was quite strong lol. I didn't mind though!

    I mixed it all up and stuffed it into 2" casings I wanted to use up. Let it sit overnight. Then I poached it as directed by Rytek.


    It only took about a little over an hour to cook!

    Used my Northern Tool burner!

    And the most important pic...


    I used the grinder to stuff because I wanted a finer grind. Still wasn't as fine as I wanted and it was a real pain to stuff with the grinder due to the liver consistency. Next time I'll grind it again then stuff with my stuffer. 

    I let it sit in the fridge for a couple days before slicing. It's good! Firm. Not perfect, but pretty good. 

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    Hey, as long as it tastes great—that's the bottom line! Perfection is a tough target to hit.

    I learned the hard way on some real sticky meats pastes not to use my grinder again as a stuffer! I believe the last batch in which I used my grinder as stuffer was the Braunschweiger!

    Since I kept the mix VERY cold, it was too difficult, but never again! Grinder for grinding, stuffer for stuffing. [​IMG]

    I made doubly-sure on the liver/meat mix to have it REAL cold (ice-crystals forming) before grinding it a second time thru a very fine plate.

    The stuff makes great sandwiches! The 5 or 6 pounds i made went too quick. May be time for a repeat performance!

    Where'd you find pork liver? Real difficult to get here.

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    I had the meat pretty cold too, not quite as cold as you had it. Mostly frozen would probably be best. At least it would feed easier down the throat of the grinder. Darn slimy stuff!

    Pork liver is hard to find here too. I was in st louis and saw a global meat market and decided to take a stroll thru the meat section [​IMG]. I thought they might have some cool stuff and they did. Pork liver, snout, belly, various other parts. I had to snatch up some liver and some belly!

    Thanks for the advice Kevin!
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    Looks good from here. Should slice nicer than store bought. I was a Deli Manager and hated when people would ask to have the Mousse Style Braunschweiger and Liverwurst sliced thin...Anything under 1/8" would just smear the blade and we would have to dismantle and clean the slicer before we could cut any other meat...JJ
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    Thanks JJ. I can't imagine trying to thin slice mushy stuff. This I made slices nice and pulls apart easily. You can definitely tell it apart from regular sausage.
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    Looks good nice Job.   [​IMG]

    I love this stuff,  although I'll admit, I've never sliced it.  I've always just spread it on bread like peanut butter, slice of cheese and some yellow mustard.  mmm so good.   I have to try this home made.

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    I'm happy to report that my homemade Braunschweiger tasted nothing like the oscar meyer stuff in that taupe tube, and it sliced very well. [​IMG]

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