Brats for today and the start of Labor Day Weekend on Mini WSM!

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by texas ray, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. texas ray

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    Beginning of Smoke!

    Just about ready!

    Supper is served!

    Brat on Hoagie - Wish I had remember to add the Provolone!

  2. That's a fine looking meal man  [​IMG]   Did you make the brats?
  3. texas ray

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    I bought the Brats at Schnuck's for 1/2 price ($5.65 for package of 10; purchased 2 packages).  I also bought two Pork Butts at .99 cents a pound.  We had planned to have Sour Kraut, but the jar in our daughter's refer was bad.  

    I plan to try sausage making in the future and SMF will be a great educational resource for that.  We have a German friend at home in Texas who was raised in East Germany and left when President Reagan's action resulted in the wall coming down.  Hagan brought us a some of his homemade Brats and Sour Kraut last year and both were outstanding.  He also has a WSM Bullet 22.5", so maybe I can introduce him to this forum. Thanks for your comments! [​IMG]
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  4. Good plan  [​IMG]   Once you start making your own sausages you won't wanna go back to the store bought stuff  [​IMG]    [​IMG]
  5. texas ray

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    OK!  I ordered a Waring Pro Meat grinder today from J.C. Penney.  It is on Labor Day sale for $79.99.  I am looking for some good beginner sausage recipes.  This meat grinder has a 300-watt motor,  reverse function, repositions any trapped ingredients to maximize output and make cleaning easy, and includes 2 sausage attachments and 3 cutting plates. Die-cast metal hopper and brushed stainless steel housing. Imported.  I hope this is a good one for small home sausage making and meat grinding.  Thanks!

    BTW:  Great looking sausage on your Labor Day post --
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  6. Thanks Ray  [​IMG]    There are lots of great recipes on here if you do a quick search. Any specific type you are wanting to start with? Also if you have anything you're not sure about feel free to send me a PM  [​IMG]   Welcome to the sausage making club  [​IMG]
  7. texas ray

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    I am thinking a breakfast sausage would be good to start with.  My father and father-in-law used to make sausage using the old antique manual grinders.  We still have one of them - it has "Climax 55" on the side.  That thing has to be at least 70+ years old.
  8. Here is a great proven recipe to start with   I make it on a regular basis & it is good fresh sausage. Try a small batch & see what you think then customize it if you need to so that it is awesome for your tastes  [​IMG]
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    I agree... this is a good recipe... adjusted it a lil to my taste... a little less salt and a little more sage.... Ray, cut this recipe in half for your first run as it makes quite a bit....
  10. texas ray

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  11. texas ray

    texas ray Smoke Blower

    I will definitely do this and thanks much!
  12. You're quite welcome!  [​IMG]
  13. texas ray

    texas ray Smoke Blower

    I tried this recipe and it was good, but for my taste needed to add some more spices.  To the same I added oregano, cumin, red pepper flakes, and fennel seed. It was an outstanding blend as far as my taste goes.

    I also made my first Bratwurst and will post the pictures on a new thread.  Thanks for your suggestions.

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