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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by mommytanya, Aug 2, 2014.

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    Hi all I'm Tanya. I live in SLC utah and I've just recently purchased my very first smoker. After much research I bought a camp chef 18" propane smoke vault. I had Home Depot assemble it for me and brought it home today. It's being seasoned as we speak. I wiped it down, sprayed oil, added water and wood chips and have been letting it go at 225 to 300.

    I found a 300 it billows smoke and at 225 there's no visible smoke. I'm having trouble adjusting the temp as at low it's 225 but at half way between med and low it's 300. I wonder if lessening the propane input will help with this. I followed the instructions and only turned it 1 1/2 times.

    My biggest question right now is about thermometers. I bought myself an igrill thermometer which I figured I'd use for the meats I smoke. But then I realized I need another thermometer to give me an accurate temp of the inside of the smoker. I'm wondering how this works. Do you just leave the prong sitting on the rack?
    Thanks for any advice!
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    Welcome, glad ya joined us ! Just north of ya a few hours in S.E. Idaho ! As far as the igrill temp check with dirtsailor2003.... He has the original igrill temp & knows all the ins & outs of it ! I'am sure he'd be happy to help ya !
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    Welcome!  I'm new here too but already received so much great advice!  I'm doing my first pulled pork today and posting the progress as she goes.
  4. I would add or replace the temp gauge, most, (not all) gauges that come on smokers are notorious for being inaccurate   Here is a picture of one Not endorsing this or any other brand, a matter of personal preference 


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