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Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by flyweed, May 2, 2011.

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    hey guys.  Thought I'd post here. I am going to be buying a new smoker from a fella up near me that is a horizontal smoker with side firebox.  I am buying it because it is bigger and can be hauled around on the little trailer it is built on.       Right now I smoke on a UDS that I built. what will be the differences between the side firebox and the UDS?  I just want to know how different it is than smoking on a UDS..if it is at all.                                                                                                                                                                            The Link to the unit I am buying is:
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    Congrats on the soon to be your new smoker. I personally like the reverse flow myself and I have cooked on the regular flow a couple of times and you just have to move the meat alot more. But you'll like it.
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    You will probably go through a lot more fuel than you are used to. Also I am a little concerned about the pipe from the firebox to the main chamber.... you might want to ask to have the guy fire it up for you to check that it gets enough draw and see how the temps do from side to side.
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      Flyweed, I am a stick burner, and the UDS's are as different as night and day.[​IMG]As I say I'm burning sticks in all my equipment,just in different ways[​IMG][​IMG]   I use a burn barrel to take my wood to coals(I hate the taste of petroleum products)and add them in when I see a change in my Temp.,I usually cook at or around 200* to 220*F and use the top part of my UDS as my chicken or high heat unit(I have a pan-like affair I place on top to hold it) so my smoker is dedicated[​IMG]

      There is a lot more hands on than most people want,but the taste difference is superb[​IMG]. My Son uses a Fire Ring(truck rim) to get his coals. To me , the fun of a "Q" party is getting together and drinking,talking and enjoying the outdoors;maybe I am wrong, but that's MHO.

      Too many people are in too much of a rush,slow down and enjoy life,instant gradtfication is just that,instant-cheap[​IMG]  You make more friends also(that is if you want them).[​IMG]

      What ever you do, have fun  and...
  5. flyweed

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    I never said I was in a rush.  I love my UDS. but this offset is bigger and holds more meat..even better for my big parties.  I love truely sittin back, shootin the shit with buds and drinking while my smoker slowly cooks away.  My last smoke was for my sons communion party and I did 2 12 pound pork butts that took 22 hours.  I wouldn't call that "in a hurry"

    I don't want something that will be "easy"  I love to prepare, and tinker as my meat smokes.  I do however like a unit that will keep a good steady temp.

    I just want to know the DIFFERENCES between a UDS and the offset I am buying, and what I should expect.

    as for the pipe that goes all the way into the center.....I never asked the guy how even his temps are..but he has won a BBQ competition with this unit. So that's gotta count for something.

  6. oldschoolbbq

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  7. oldschoolbbq

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    Dan,Kudos,and I didn't mean to have you sound as a newby,I didn,t have the whole story[​IMG].So I take it back. Once you learn your little gal,you will be looking for excuses to but meat and having friends over; have a beautiful Spring and,
  8. sqwib

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    Flyweed that's a very interesting inlet design.

    As far as the differences go I cant say from experience, other than the fact that looking at your pics you can probably use lump and charcoal in that rig as well as splits but you're going to have to experiment a little.

    I can tell you this... you will definitely use more fuel going from an upright to a side firebox.

    You can also experiment with tuning plates for evening out the temps across the surface, just make sure to find your hot spots first.

    The easiest way to find hot spots is buy a bunch of those pilsbury biscuits and lay across the smoker and see which get done first.

    Look into a klose basket for maintaining temps over a longer period of unattended time

    I usually check mine 30 - 45 minutes using all wood and have recently been experimenting with charcoal and have gotten nearly 2 hours unattended...further experimenting will be done when I seal up all the little leaks and get a Klose Basket.
  9. hardslicer

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    sounds like a nice unit........but without a taste test I can't give an right over brother
  10. flyweed

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    thanks for all the replies guys...I think I will do the biscuit "hot spot" method and see where any hotspots are.    Also...this unit can be run either with wood and charcoal...OR, as you can see it also has an LP burner in the bottom of the firebox and the guy I am buying it from said he uses it with the LP with wood over the top of that.

    Anyway..I can't wait to get it..and give it a go.


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