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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by soymateofeo, Sep 27, 2014.

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    Hi everybody!  Matt from Los Angeles.  I was using a bullet type smoker (Brinkmann smoke n grill) for years but I got tired of trying to control temps.  I made the switch to the MPS (if that is what I am reading you guys call a masterbuilt propane smoker).  I put it together yesterday, seasoned it, rubbed down some chickens and tossed them in there an hour ago.  I read a lot before I plunge into this sort of thing so I made the following mods:

    1. cast iron pan on for wood chunks. 

    2. large foil tray instead of water tray. ( I may add sand to the water tray as I've heard that it helps)

    3.  I also tossed a few charcoal chunks in with the wood.  Somebody named Rip apparently has a post about how that is amazing and since amazing is what I am going for, I did it.  

    4.  Using an oven thermometer inside since I keep hearing that the stock thermometer is not reliable.  IDK but they seem pretty close to each other.  

    OK This forum is an awesome resource and I am so thankful that I found it.  I have had the temp on my smoker flying around a bit.  from 325 to 250 to 300 to 225 and all around as I play with the dial. I'm trying to get between 275 and 300.  I love that I can play with the dial.  So much easier than charcoal.  I am assuming that once I get it all dialed in, in the future I would be better able  to set the temp and leave it alone for hours.  Am I correct?  Also, I'm having a trouble finding how much wood chips/chunks to add to this.  I'm using hickory since that is what I have.  I'm figuring that I'll add a couple chunks every hour.  they are about the size of a small can of corn. ??????   I opened the door for a temp check and my wood chunks started flaming, I had a spray bottle and put that down real fast and closed the door.  

    Thanks everybody!
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    Hello , Matt from LA. ( Please go by your profile and add that info. to the list ) .

    Your mods. sound good and the technique is OK , however , when changing the gas/air ratio ( Needle Valve) , turn it very little at a time , watch the temp. and change again , if needed . Moving it in wide swings is what is giving you the swings in temp.  Slow down and be patient . Let the temp. catch up to the therm. and visa-versa.   Also , leave the door closed as much as possible , helps cook faster and minimimizes the spikes of heat...Remember the chunks and how they lit up when you opened the Smoker? that's O2 getting to the glowing chunks . Spritzing with water only makes white smoke , and that makes Creosote and that makes a bad taste and that blows your 'Amazing' you want . . .[​IMG]

    Slow down use 1 chunk at a time and when the smoke is T,B and L... leave it alone .

    Have fun and . . .

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