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  1. I'm ready to start assembly of my reverse flow smoker, but have a few questions before I start.

    Cooker Info:

    24.5" Diameter x 42" Long Cooking Chamber - 3/8" thick

    Fire box Calculates at 21"x21"x21" 1/4" thick, giving a 140.4% size difference - Is this sufficient?

    Chimney calculates at 6" Diameter x 17" long - Does the pipe need to extend inside the chamber? Is 17" correct?

    Intake openings calculates at (3) 3.25" x 3.25" - Correct?

    I have done my best to calculate half moon and came up with a 24.5" x 5.75" high - Is this close or need something different?

    I plan on running a piece of angle iron down the center and using 2 pcs. of 1/4" plate for the damper - How high does the plate need to be from the half moon?

    Sorry for all of the questions and thanks for helping a newbie out.

  2. did you use Feldons calculator to come up with those numbers?

    Send DaveOmak a PM he will run all of your numbers and give you all of the drawings you canever ask for.

    Remember to post pics.

    Happy smoken.


    ????can I post a link to Feldons calculator????
  3. Thanks Mule.

    I did use Feldon's and I was honestly hoping that Dave would chime in and offer some advice. I don't want to come out and ask him, being a newbie and all.
  4. Ask him. Do you want me to ask him for you?

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  6. As always THANKS DAVE
  7. Thanks Dave!

    This started life as a piece of pipe that someone made a wood stove out of. 24.5" is OD and the 42" is the inside from end to end. One end is capped with a 1" thick piece of metal and the door end I will put 1/4" thick plate where the firebox will be mounted.I will cap the end before cutting out the door.

    I appreciate your help so far and would greatly appreciate any advice or help.

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    Wayne, morning.....   First..... it is a good door, when you cut the door end, save it for the Fire Box (FB).....

    Something like this......  Click on drawings to enlarge the view ....    Dave


    You can have the RF plate creased in a press brake so the grease will flow to the center to the drain...  crease to a deflection of 1"....  1" per 11" run should be adequate....    
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  9. Thanks Dave!

    Now I have got to get moving on it. Luckily I have everything ready to start.


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