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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mp3car, Dec 14, 2015.

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    Hi!  New to the board, have a quick question...  I searched for a few minutes before posting and didn't find a post that addressed pesticide/herbicide that may have been absorbed by roots.  I saw posts talking about removing bark, but I'm not referring to surface contaminants, as the branch in question was a good 20' up.

    We had an ice storm a few weeks back that took down a few decent sized oak limbs.  I cut them up and was going to use them for smoking.  Then I got to thinking and making myself worry about any slight pesticide that may have been in the wood itself, pulled up from the roots.  Obviously, it would be extremely low concentration, as whatever got down to the roots would have been very heavily diluted by that point, after having soaked down into the ground with irrigation and rain, and then have to be drawn up into the tree.

    I'm thinking it would probably be fine, but has the topic of "internal" toxins ever been brought up?  I believe many pesticides and herbicides lose their activity when exposed to sun and air, but still curious, as losing activity doesn't necessarily mean I want smoke from it on my food.  I don't exactly have my own gas chromatography equipment to test the wood :)

    On a related note, do I need to scrape any of the green "flakey looking" moss off the bark prior to using?

    Thanks for the help!
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    First let me say  [​IMG]   To SMF. I must say a great question I would probably just used the wood and never thought about it of course I don't spray my yard because of the dogs. Maybe check with your local UAD and they could help. Good luck and post any info you find from a reliable source.
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    That should be USDA 
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    Thanks guys!  I hardly spray anything either (our dog is mostly an inside dog and has a 20x20 dog run when she's outside, which I don't think I've ever sprayed.  The other part of the yard has seen pesticide (aiming for tick control) maybe only 2 times in the past 3 years, as I've only lived here 3 years.  I think I've done herbicide for weeds maybe twice as well.  The house is about 7 years old, so who knows what the previous owners may have sprayed.

    Anyhow, thanks for the welcome and advice...  I am sure it wouldn't be "deadly" or even have any noticeable effect.  But, you don't have immediate effects from listening with earbuds 8 hours/day or using power equipment without ear protection either...  Turn the volume down, and wear ear protection!  My PSA for the day! :)
  5. I wouldn't be too concerned being it is a big oak tree. Now if it was a fruit tree in an orchard that gets sprayed regularly I might give it a second thought but then again we eat the fruit off of those same trees, soooo......
    But thats me. I am just an ole country boy that don't think twice about most of the stuff other folks worry about. I figure I made it this long so ain't no need to start worrying now.

    Smoke it up

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