Braised Beef short ribs in a wine reduction sauce cooked on the #KamadoJoe Big Joe Cast Iron dutch o

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  1. Beef Braised Ribs in a red wine reduction sauce was calling my name for dinner tonight.
    A few pounds of beef short ribs were at a good price at the store and were grabbed before
    they disappeared.  Some "Cabernet Merlot" wine was also at a low price, so the deal was
    set.  The Big Joe was cleaned out and filled with fresh lump charcoal in preparation of
    the cook.  The X-Rack was put in the lowest position to get the KJ Cast Iron pot close to
    the coals.  The lid was left open and a couple tablespoons of canola oil was added to the
    pot.  When the pot got searing hot the short ribs were tossed in for searing.  As one face
    of the ribs finished searing, they were rotated to put a new face down to the hot cast Iron.
    When seared on all sides, the ribs were pulled out and set to the side. 
    With the juices from the ribs left in the pot, carrots, diced onion and chopped celery
    was added to the pot and stirred until the onion was golden.  A tablespoon of flour was
    added into the pot and mixed with the contents.  Then a couple tablespoons of tomato paste
    was added and mixed in.  Finally 750 ml of the wine was added to the pot and mixed completely. 
    The pot was left to simmer until the wine had reduced to about half its initial volume.
    Fresh Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano, salt and black pepper were added to the reduced sauce.
    The seared ribs were added to the hot mix to begin the braising, along with a cup of
    "Best Brown Sauce" for more beefy goodness. Link below:
    http://www.kamadogur...l=+brown +sauce
    The lid was put on the pot at this time.
    The ribs were allowed to braise for 2.5 hours which is when they were falling off the bone tender. 
    The ribs were pulled out of the pot and set aside to rest.  The vegetables were strained
    out of the drippings with the reduced wine, and a roux was made. The roux was expanded with beef
    broth, half and half and seasoned with salt and pepper. 
    Mash potatoes were made with salt, pepper, butter and cream cheese.  The gravy was ladled
    over the potatoes and served with the beef short ribs.

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    Those look fantastic.
    Thanx for the step by step "spoon feeding".

    Hope they tasted as good as they looked.....................

    Ah, when they invent smell-o-vision I gotta get one.
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    AT, Nice looking ribs and meal !
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