Braided Marinated Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin hot smoked on the #KamadoJoe Big Joe

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  1. I have been toying with ideas to make something a little different.   I later discovered braided tenderloin had been done before, but with only a weave of 3 to 1.  Also, other examples had been done with a single rub/marinade.   Two packages of pork tenderloin were purchased, as well as two different types of marinade.  Pineapple was added to the teriyaki marinade to give it sweet undertones, and Honey Whiskey was added to the Worchester-Garlic marinade to give it a bit of kick too.  The tenderloin was cut into strips, and each strips was split up the middle almost entirely to the end.  The strips were rested with one batch in one marinade, and the other batch in the second marinade.  Once removed from the marinade, alternating types of marinated meats were woven in a 9 to 1 braid.  A classical bacon weave was prepared to wrap the weave of tenderloin.  The bacon was wrapped around the woven tenderloin and secured with butcher's string.  The second tenderloin weave was wrapped around it's diameter in four places, then rolled.  The roll was secured with butcher's string, and the meat was put on the smoke for cooking. 

  2. It looks very good. Nice color.

    Happy smoken.

  3. Dang,  nice job,   Looks to pretty to eat !!!!   --------   Not really

  4. Thanks Mule and Gary.  This evening some mango cayenne sauce will be made, and drizzled over the medallions of braided tenderloin. 
  5. Mango cayenne    sounds good

  6. I ended up making Mango Cranberry Cayenne sauce.  Plated shot with Medallions, Sauce, Salad with goat cheese and broccoli and chedder.

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    Wow that is astounding. I am going to steal this idea for the next time I get the bug to do something different. Really neat.
  8. Nice job start to finish    [​IMG]

  9. That is very cool looking.  I don't quite understand how you did the weave, but that is something I want to try.  Thanks.
  10. Go to Youtube and look at the weaving techniques used for making braided bread.  It is the same technique.  I believe it was an 9 to 1 weave for the tenderloin.  The bacon was a standard basket weave which is well known. 
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