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  1. Hello everyone. I am new here found this site a few days ago and all I can say is wow. I smoked a turkey breast in my new bradley smoker yesterday and I couldn't get the internal temp over 131 for some reason. I turned temp up to 240 the last two hours and it went up 2 degrees so I pulled it out and finished up in my propane smoker. This is the first time I have used an electric smoker and I am not too impressed. It does a good job of smoking but as far as cooking it didn't do what I was hoping for. I was wondering if I did somthing wrong or has anyone else had this trouble. The smoker is on my covered front porch out of any wind thanks for any help.
  2. bear55

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    I would contact Bradley directly, they are good folks there and they will help you with the problem.
  3. Thanks Bear55 I think that is what I will do. I have did a couple more things in it and had the same thing happen, today I am going to do 4 more turkey breasts in it . I love the way it smokes just doesn't want to get the internal temp close to where it should be. I will see what happens today and give them a call and see what they have say, thanks for the suggestion. Splash49
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    Bradleys have a "stall" when cooking. Sometimes up to an hour or so, then the meat will continue on till the target temp. If you haven't done so, register with the Bradley forum where you can see that this is a fairly common occurrence plus learn a lot more about your Bradley
  5. Thanks rexster314 I will check the bradley forum out. I had those breasts in the smoker for like 8 or more hours and 131 was the best I could get out of it but I am not use too electric smoker I still like my propane alot I will see what the bradley forum has to say and thnk you again

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