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  1. I posted a post last night but don't see it. don't know what happen but anyway. I have family in bracey va and was wondering if anyone was going to battle of the bq memorial weekend. I have always wanted to go to one just didn;t know where to go I like watcdhing the shows on the food network and can not wait for the new one to start. Hope to meet some new people and get some info.
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    Hello Chef - it would help us if you updated your profile to show at least a state or region so we know how to reply to your request. Makes no sense to direct you to an event in Ca if you live in Ks  
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    The reason you can't find it is because you posted it in the correct forum thread for a change, Upcoming/Recurring BBQ Competitions (KCBS or Otherwise)

    Out of all 13 of your posts you post everything in the Roll Call Thread (Except That One). 

    Roll Call, by the way,  is for New Member Introductions so they can tell about themselves and their equipment.

    You would get a better response to your posts if you posted them in the correct forum threads.

    Thank you Rant Over.

    It is a Bad Day.
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    Below is a link to the post you can't find.

    Next time you can't find one of your posts, just click on your name. Then scroll down to the list of all the posts you made.

    Like Beer-B-Q said, if you go to the proper forum before you make a post, or start a thread, it will be easier to find.

    It takes awhile, but you'll get there---Don't give up.

    The link to the one you can't find:

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    I will not be going so hope you have a great time.

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