Bought my first smoker today.

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by jeffegg2, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. UPDATE:This seems to be a rebranded Masterbuilt 20070213 Gen II. I see they look identical. The Masterbuilt is running for more money however...
  2. The only reference to this smoker I can find is one that is 650W? The one I just purchased has 800W. Does anyone here have experience with this one? It appears to be new on the market as there are no reviews that I can find, and only one Amazon review there.Perhaps I'll have to write one up?Jeff.
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    Is it double-wall insulated? If it is the same one I saw at Lowes a couple months back, I don't recall it being insulated like a MES. That would be a major sticking point with me.
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    not that I am going to be of any assistance on this, as I just started a thread asking if the Master-Forge was the same as the Masterbuilt.  If you take a look at the two links below, the first being the Masterbuilt Elite Digital and the second being the Master Forge (Lowe's Exclusive)

    edit: oops, added external links and don't think they are allowed on here.  Anyway, the Masterbuilt Elite with front controls and the Master Forge look identical.
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    I can't find anything that tells me the Lowe's Master-Forge is insulated.
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    I am looking for a smoker too. That model is available in my area and might consider getting that one. Did you use it yet, any reviews?
  7. Yep. Double wall. It is the same as the Masterbuilt gen 2 but rebranded.
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  8. Yep.
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  11. The one I have is a Master Forge, but the same unit with different tags on it. the manufacturer is not Masterbuilt, or Master Forge. It is built in China and they put what ever ID plate on it that is needed......

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