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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by sodak, Jul 12, 2013.

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    I broke down to day and went out and bought the MES 40" SS with window (Model 20072612) from Sam's Club this morning and then went directly to the butcher shop and bought a 6# boston butt.  Got home and headed straight out to the backyard to put it together.  After reading the instructions and putting it together, I started it up for the pre-season burning and everything was going good.  I had read in the forums that you didn't want to add a bunch of chip at a time so I didn't even do a open hand worth in the loader and next thing I know there is a fire (not big, but fire is fire).  I made the mistake of opening the door and it flared up a little bit more but I close the door pretty quickly and closed the air vent.  The fire went out but I never got any more smoke.  This being the sec gen model do I need to call and get a new chip tray if there is one available for this model?  Should I be OK with smoking the boston butt?  

    I don't want a lot of "smoke" flavor.  That is why after doing the research and watching some of the cooking shows on TV I went with fruit chips instead of mesquite.  I figured I would need to smoke it for around 8 and a half to 9 hours at 250.  How long of the cook should I have to use the chips to begin with?  I bought a couple of rubs to play with and I think that will some of the difference also.  I know this is all to personal taste just want to see some more opinions.  

    I am going to look into the AMPNS but I want to start now not after I get the setup. 

    Thanks for the help and sorry if these questions have been asked and answered a thousand times before.  I have looked thru here the last couple of weeks trying to get the answers that I would need before I actually started, but it's always different when you are putting the principals to practical use.
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    AMPNS    Get one.

    Best thing I ever did to the mes

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