Bought a new vertical, have a few questions

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by nhbuck, Sep 8, 2011.

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    So after my weekend making briskets on my little Brinkman I decided to take a bit of a plunge and get a bigger smoker. I have been debating  a build of my own and even saved the pipes off of my Harley for the stacks but to my surprise my wife and father-in-law had an Old Texas BBQ Vertical waiting for me today when I got home.  So I wiped it out, welded myself a small charcoal basket, sprayed it down inside with some vegetable oil spray and started a small fire with 20 briquets and a few pieces of pecan wood to season the smoker. I know there will be a learning curve and play period just like smoking for the first time. Starting with chicken legs, ribs etc.. Now my questions.

    I would imagine it works similar to a woodstove. slide air control on side of firebox and two dampers on top of the smoke stacks.Running with the dampers open and the firebox draft wide open would generate the most heat correct? In other words just to get it cranking.

    I See some smoke seeping around and on top of the door and the sides. I don't think I can get the gasket material for a woodstove in to stop this as the gaps aren't that wide but they obviously are wide enough to allow smoke to escape. I was thinking of some rtv black that they use on car engines etc.. What are your thoughts? I thought I read on the site that someone used felt. I'm not sure if I could get the felt to stick using a regular glue as I am not sure how hot the exterior will get.

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    [​IMG]If you have a ACE harware near.$10 with tax .Your right about the stove comparesion.[​IMG]
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    no pics

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