Bought a new Smoker...Traeger Texan

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by harleyeg05, Nov 25, 2014.

  1. I went to the Gun show and they had a booth set up for Traeger Grills. They had an amazing deal going on for them so I got one. I have smoked on Off-Set smokers and propane and Charcoal. This Electric one looks sweet as well. 
    Does anyone have any opinions (good and bad are welcome) about this type of smoking, some Do's and Dont's?? 
    From what I have seen and talked about with others I think that I made a good purchase.

    Can you use them in competition smoking? 
  2. Everyone I know that has one likes it. Most add a AMNTS to help with smoke.

    Happy smoken.

  3. chef willie

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    Congrats on the good deal. Nothing like a new toy. A good buddy of mine has a T and likes it very well. I've also acquired a Char Griller Pellet Grill and am enjoying that, so, yeah....they are fun to use and enjoy. Not sure about the competitions....might all be different...seems I recall a Bradley type being used in one of the Pit Master episodes but can't swear to that....Willie
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    Could you send pics . . .We would like to see your new toy and some of your BBQ.[​IMG]
  5. I really like mind, a little trouble untill I got use to it. I would say don't change temp. Or P setting while your getting the smoke cycle. Face the front of the grill into the wind. Vacuum the ash and fire pit after each use .
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  6. I will send pics and some BBQ this weekend. I am doing veggies and something else that I have not decided on yet..LOL   Pics soon to come.

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