Bought a new smoker : oooops

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  1. I am in Lockport NY.  Been smoking for 10+ years.  Mostly with a couple different gas smokers and the good old webber.  I like to smoke almost any meat.  I prefer to smoke and grill as much as possible year round.  I also LOVE making new sauces and rubs.

    I have a new (used) Jonny Walker custom : home made whole hog smoker : 36" gas smoker, webber and few grills.

    I bought the Walker (will get more detail/pict if it helps) about 48" long/2 racks.  Sits about chest level.  2.5" below it sits an 18"-20" square smoke box.  there are 2 smoke chimneys on the back to direct smoke.  a later add of a 6" 1/8th steel pip to connect the box and the main box.  There is a side tray that is the length of the box where you can put charcol/pans of water.  I was told that the pull out tray was not needed.  That the smoke box with the 3 opening fed the smoke and heat.  It delivers on the smoke, many air flow vents.  2 2"-3" pipes for draw.  The smoke draws very very well.  I can't get the box itself to get above 150 degrees unless i have a RAGING fire in the smoke box.  I called the guy i bought it from and he said "OH, yeah, you have to pull the tray out and feed small amounts of charcole to get/keep it at 225-250.

    I dont' want to have to do that.  I want to be able to control the temp from the source in the fire box.  I don't want any gas mods.  I would like to use it on a few local bbq competitions.

    How do i get more heat from the fire box up to the cooking chamber?

    The steel is very thick on the smoker.  Any mods would have to be done with a welder/cutter bigger than the 110 volt i have.

    I will try to get pictures and dimentions posted.

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    Dont know the answers, but stay tuned. Someone will.

    Hello from Lockport..........................Illinois!!!!
  3. the top is 42" x 22" the fire box is 18"  there is less than 2" seperating the top and firebox.

    any ideas on how to get the heat into the cooking chamber would be much appreciated

  4. Hey Joe, hello and welcome, a couple of questions the next to last picture, is that the opening from the fire box to cook chamber? and I didn't see any dampers on you fire box ? how are you controlling the air flow for the fire?

    Gary S
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    Welcome, glad ya joined us !
  6. Inside the fire box, the coal/wood is on a metal grate elevated 1"+ off the floor.  There are 2 vents on each side of the fire box.  There are 2 more on each side of the cooking chamber (plus the 2 stacks).

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