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  1. What's the best way to smoke this piece of meat, it has a fat cap about 1/4", would you marinate it or use a dry rub, it weights around 3lbs. maybe a little less and how long would you smoke it till it was tender.[​IMG]
  2. wutang

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  3. Thanks for the info, so the temp for smoking this piece of meat would be 225* to 275* what do you think?
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    I have smoked them just like wutang, and ran my smoker about 225 -230. It does make for some great sandwiches.
  5. wutang

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    I think I ran about 240 for mine. But probably had temps of 225 to 275 along the way as I added charcoal/wood. Sounds like you are on the right track to me.
  6. As I said thanks alot, my temp was between 200*- 250* and the internal was 140* when I pulled it off and let it sit for awhile, then took the meat slicer to it but next time I do it, I'll slit the meat in spots and put peices of roasted garlic in, it was kind of blain but the rub(lite) I put on it was there but it didn't have the kick I wanted, I smoked it with wiskey barrell chips, didn't have cherry but next time I will. No pictures, the family was too hungery at the time, so had to get it sliced and there were alot of thank you's and pumped up bellies....time for a nap![​IMG]

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