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Discussion in 'Beef' started by duffman, Jun 12, 2014.

  1. I was thinking about smoking a bottom round this weekend since the local super saver has it on sale. I was gong to take it to about 130 internal temp then let it rest for a little bit before cutting some thick slabs for dinner that night. Then slice the rest of it thin to have for sandwiches at lunch the next week. I have seen a few people who said you shouldn't slice it until the next day so I am questioning my idea on having some of it for dinner. Any thoughts or suggestions?
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    i think if your going to take some thick slices you shouldn't have any problems, it's when you try to slice thin the same day you'll have some trouble"it will just shred you won't get a nice slice", so just take your thick slices then put the rest in the fridge for the night then you'll be able to slice nice and thin.
  3. So I  ended up getting two 2 pound bottom round roasts. The bigger roasts had already been pillaged. By the time I got there all there was was some 2 pound roasts and 10 to 12 pound roasts. I didn't want to experiment on a $0 roast so I went with the smaller 2 pounders, I would assume they should take about 3 hours to smoke to 130 internal temp. Does that sound like a good estimate? I was going to use a store bought beef rub on one of them. Then I am going to use a store bought steak seasoning on the other. I also picked up a 3 pound chuck roast to throw on as well. Might make it into some pulled beef for salads next week for supper.
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    Difficult to say how long they will take to smoke as the time is determined largely by thickness of the roast, not the weight.  Just keep an eye on it and pull at the 130 like you talked about.   I generally like mine between rare and midrare so I pull them at about 125, but to each their own.

    When it comes time for slicing, be sure to cut against the grain.
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    also if it's not to late,be careful with the store rubs they can be on the salty side
  6. Ok so I gave the bottom rounds a try and they turned out great!! I made two and used two different rubs on them as I said above. I pulled them both when the larger one hit 135. Should have done it the other way around because the smaller one was a little past medium. But they were both great a juicy. We will be doing some more bottom round roasts soon. It also gave me a little more confidence to try a Prime Rib later this summer.

    Here is the  larger one that was a nice medium.

    Here is the smaller on that was a little over what I wanted but still very tasty.

    And plated with some corn and green bean casserole.

  7. Ohh I usually make my own rubs but I was short on time last weekend so I decided to give some store ones a try. They both came out pretty good. One was better then the other though, it had better flavor. Unforunatualy it was on the slightly over done roast. lol.

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