Bostons and extension cords

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  1. A good 12 hr cook including an hour rest or so...

    Here is the rub using the Jeff's naked ninney...


    The put to sleep...


    After cooking and resting 2 butts and a brisket (brisket is still wrapped and in the fridge to slice later)...


    The second butt came out the same way... nice and juicy and the bones slid right out.


    Finishing sauce used after a bit of cooling dwn... the pick of the juicy pulled pork was prior to the finishing sauce...

    When first starting I couldn't get the smoker up to temp, I was using a heavy duty short extension cord... I finally was able to get the smoker close enough to a regular wall outlet and poof... problem went away, smoker got pretty much up to temp w/o problems. Next week I have an electriction I know coming over to install an outside outlet, probably be the best investment to the smoker yet if that is the cause of poor temp retention.

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    Looks good!!

  3. [​IMG]Were in mo are you.I live by the bootheel.
  4. Thanks for the Qview

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    Great looking Qview Tut!!
  6. dont hire these idiots for your electricians!!!

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    Looks great!

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