Boston Butt

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  1. About 6 hours on the smoker. over 12 hours in the oven on low. I didn't use mustard on this one and like how the bark came out. I will make the finishing sauce tonight, drain some of the juice out of the pan.




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    It looks real good, but why didn't you just leave it on the smoker the whole time?
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    MAN, there is a lot of JIM's on this site...Looks like it came out nice...How heavy was the butt and at what temp did you do this cook?...JJ
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    Looking good
  5. There was a storm that rolled in I had to take it off. I was really upset b/c showed 10% chance of rain all day. Then 6 pm here comes 50 mph winds and hail.

  6. 9 lb Boston and I had it at 325 for about 2 hours then 275 to 250 for 4 hours. It had a nice bark to it. Next time I will leave it on the smoker provided it doesn't rain [​IMG]
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    Looks great ! [​IMG][​IMG]
  9. Well the office is chowing down on it now! So we'll see what they think soon!
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    Rain[​IMG]  Wind[​IMG]HA[​IMG]  Pull up yer pants and stick it out[​IMG]    LOL[​IMG]

         Too bad about that,but it does look good[​IMG].

    Have fun and....................
  11. LOL. Rain doesn't normally stop me but lately KY is turning into tornado alley so I was ducking and covering in the basement with the ribs [​IMG]
  12. The verdict is in and........[​IMG] this was what was left! I think I did good [​IMG]

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