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Discussion in 'Pork' started by pinkmeat, Jul 25, 2008.

  1. pinkmeat

    pinkmeat Smoking Fanatic

    Well, I did my second Boston Butt this week. What a difference a little studying can do....

    Well here's what I did:
    -covered 7lb bone-in with spicy brown mustard and plenty of rub, left overnight in fridge
    -tried to cook at 225F all day, maintained slightly less temp
    -midday I sprayed it with beer (Yuengling(thought I give it a try))
    -after almost twelve hours the inside temp was only 180ish
    -mopped with vinegar based sauce, wrapped in foil, and put in the oven (300deg) for about an hour (checked every 30min)
    -maintained the 190 for 35-40 minutes
    -left out for 30minutes,
    -bone fell right out, great, smokey, juicy, and tender pulled pork. It's almost gone. We have been whoring out pork sandwiches this week, lol!

    I must say, I bet I filled up the water pan 4-5 times, was not expecting that much...
    All in all it had the same consistency as a beer can chicken, very good. Can't Wait to do the next one!
  2. richtee

    richtee Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    VERY nice Pink... Bravo!
  3. meowey

    meowey Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member


    Take care, have fun, and do good!


  4. gobbledot

    gobbledot Meat Mopper

    Good job Pink, next time use sand in water pan instead of water. It works just as good for butts as water does.. just my 2 cents..
  5. pinkmeat

    pinkmeat Smoking Fanatic

    Sand without any water? I thought the water acted like a steam cooker? Maintaining temps and moistening meat, sort of a must...

    I assume the sand would need to be covered? Does it act like a cooking stone type thing?
  6. richtee

    richtee Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Hmmm without going in too much to what has been covered elsewhere... Cover the sand, and yes, it helps maintain constant temps and HIGHER the smoker- than water does.
  7. flyin'illini

    flyin'illini Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    Looks great!

    Yes, go with sand is my recommendation, too. Cover it with foil and leave a slight depression in it to catch whatever falls. (makes for quicker clean-up too)

    As I have heard Rich/others explain, water acts more like a regulator to help control temp. (the water evaps to help regulate temp) But it does not steam the meat. The sand holds heat and basically does not change (heat sink) as it acts as a buffer from the direct heat source.

    There are other threads on this part of the reply.
  8. pinkmeat

    pinkmeat Smoking Fanatic

    Are we talking full bowl of sand? I'll have to try it.

    Do you reccommend this for short smokes like ribs as well, or just longer 8+ hours jobs?
  9. camocook

    camocook Meat Mopper

    Also read in this forum,use sand in cold weather.

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