boston butt mop help?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by south jersey bbq tim, May 11, 2010.

  1. hi everyone, just picked up a really nice 6 lb boston butt. some of the mop receipes i have been reading seem to be a little over powering for the dry rub i will be using. be a chef a know of a bunch of different ingredients i could use.i always go by the bbq experts on the forum. this will be for my big 30 b0day tomarrow so some advice would b great!

  2. You can use something simple as just apple juice... or mix in some cider vinegar... I have recently been using a mixture of Pomegranate Juice, Red Wine, & Cranberry Juice... I seem to like that right now... I recently started moping so i have been experimenting on them...

    Think of a taste you like and mess around with that...
  3. thanks steve!! south jersey were you located?
  4. LOL Right!!! Love seeing locals on here! I am in Camden County & Yourself?
  5. Hi Tim....The mop and the dry seasonings need to compliment each other.
    I usually stay very basic, and consider the meat I am mopping...
    An amount of Water...
    1/2 as much vinegar...
    Some fat...not much needed on a butt. Corn/olive/peanut oil ~~ bacon fat/butter
    A few shots of Worcestershire..
    Some salt & pepper
    2-4 Tbls of your dry seasonings.

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    I'll go simple try 3 parts Apple Juice to 1 part Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum. Oh and save some of the rum for the cook [​IMG]
  7. gloucester...very close
  8. thanks guys
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    Now I have always used apple juice and cider vinegar. Maybe a little more juice then vinegar and spritz it about every hour or so.
  10. Yes, very close... Small world!
  11. dforbes

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    1 cup pineapple juice
    1/2 cup knob creek (or your favorite bourbon)
    1/4 cup worshecheshere sauce

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