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    I have a 30 inch mes smoker how long should a pork butt be smoked and what kind of smoke should be used
  2. Hi, I We need a little more information on your  Butt. What size is it?  Go to bearcarver's step by step page . It is a great place to start.

    As far as cooking time It will take over 1.5 hours per 225 to 235. each cut of meat is unique.
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    It takes as long as it takes cook it until the internal temperature is 200°f.

    If are in a rush at the end, put it in the oven at 400 to finish.

    I like apple with pork hickory is also good.

  4. electriclouie

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    I have a 8.72 pound Boston butt and I do not know how to prepare it could someone help tell me how to do it and also what kind of smoke and rub would be best for this application
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