Bonless Pork Loin

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  1. Is bonless pork loin the same as pork tenderloin? Any suggestions (tips) on smoking a boneless pork loin?
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    The pork loin and the tenderloin are different cuts which require much different handling.  While the tenderloin is cut from the loin primal it cooks very differently from other muscles on the loin.  The tenderloin is a very little used muscle and thus is very tender with a mild flavor.

    As to the loin or cuts from the loin, the search tool will provide reading to keep you busy for quite some time.

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    No, Tenderloins are much smaller & tend to do better on a grill. Your pork loin is a real lean piece of meat & can be smoked a variety of ways.

    Personally we like to fillet them and stuff with spinach, feta, sausage, & provolone. Then roll them up & wrap them in bacon. If you smoke them whole you may want to wrap them with bacon to keep them moist. I would smoke the loin at 225 until the internal temp hits 140, then wrap it in foil with the probe still in it & let it rest on the counter until the IT reaches 145. Then you can slice & eat it. Don't forget the Q-view.
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    The pork loin can be prepared and cooked many ways, from higher heat, to low & slow, from whole to stuffed, brined or not, to sliced into thick boneless are a couple of my favorites for the whole loin:

    a pair of half-loins on my weber kettle with indirect higher heat, and two simple dry rubs, found HERE;

    and, brined, whole loin, low and slow smoked, found HERE.

    I prefer not to stuff, inject, or otherwise tamper with a whole muscle meat when cooking low & slow. That leaves you with far less restricted temp/time issues to deal with regarding the danger zone for non-intact meats. I have stuffed loins before and liked them, but I prefer intact. Now, boneless pork chops? Oh, yeah, stuff away, baby!

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  6. Thanks! All these tips are great. Thanks guys!
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