Bonig/Fillet Knife of choice?

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  1. So I just recently stared making bacon at home and I'm in much need of a good boning/fillet knife.  I'm currently using a sharpened steak knife to trim my belly', however I know there are better knifes for the job.  Just curios what everyone is using and what you would suggest?  Just for everyone's information, the belly' I get still have the rib, back strap and skin attached.  Let me know if there is any other information y'all need to help me make a good knife purchase.  Thanks. 

    By the way, am I wanting a fillet knife or a boning knife?  What's the actual difference between the two?  The one I saw in a video was about a 6"-8" blade and was slightly curved.  Dude made short work of trimming up a pork belly. 
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    Boning knifes are usually stiffer blade and curved Fillet Knifes are very thin and flexible 

    I would recommend going to a cutlery store so you can handle the knifes to see what feels best.

  5. Thanks for the replies yall...keep them coming. 
  6. I have a Wusthof that I got as a Christmas present a couple years ago and its a nice heavy knife.  More on the stiff side.  But my go to knife is a Victorinox.  I like the rubber no slip grip and it is a bit more flexible than the Wusthof.  I paid $20 for the Victorinox about 2 years ago on sale.  I think the Wustohof is about a $120.  I'll grab the Wusthof for boning a beef.  Everything else I use the Victorinox.  
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    Dexter has decent filet knives for around $25.
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    I use the Victorinox 6" curved boning knife and like it. 

  9. Victorinox, I have about 8 of them and they get used pretty heavily. Great knife. We have a local kitchen shop that sells them used for $4 each. I think they are around $30 new
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    I use this as well for all boning, skinning and fish...JJ
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    I think a fillet knife trims very well, I use rapala brand . I always use a fillet knife to trim fat from deer and moose meat. Boning knives are for separating meat from the bone and they come stiff and flexible, they would work too.(mine are henckels)
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