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  1. Smokers, I am having a little shindig this weekend with a bunch of friends and my wife bought 4 boneless pork loins (they were on sale), each weighing 4 pounds, give or take a pound. I had planned on doing a pulled pork for our guests, but with this meat purchase I'm not sure that's still an option. Should I scrap the pulled pork and inject or rub the loins and wrap in bacon? I'm nervous that the loin won't shred like a shoulder or butt, and I'll have a huge problem if I try it. Also considering using a mild/sweeter wood, such as an apple or something. Thoughts, recommendations?
  2. Do you have tenderloin packaged in two parts or a loin? In any case, I assume that it is a relatively lean cut and is not something that you would want to pull.  I have never smoked the larger loins, but the tenderloins packages in pairs are delicious sliced.  I take them off the smoker around 145 and let them rest. FDA has recently declared whole cuts of pork safe to eat at medium and that makes all the difference vs well done IMHO.  It's a much quicker smoke than pulled pork.  Different, but still delicious.
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    You have the right idea,  Loin is great to eat sliced but not real good for PP.

     You can stuff a loin and do a bacon wrap and smoke or just do a bacon wrap and smoke.I usually just do a sweet / spicy rub.

    Like Jesse said take it to 145 -150 rest and slice .
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