Boneless Pork butt on a Traeger

Discussion in 'Pork' started by chrispdx, Jul 29, 2015.

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    Hello all.
    First time doing this but I bought a boneless 14lb pork shoulder from Costco and recently got a Traeger and in No way am I a seasoned smoker.
    My plan is to rub it 1-2 nights before and wrap it in plastic and put back in fridge. Not sure who all uses a Traeger but it has a "smoke" setting which does 180-200 degrees and I'd like low and slow to achieve smoke and tenderness. I plan on cutting the shoulder in half and doing 7lbs by the way.
    Most recipes I've seen is 3 hours at 225 with spraying with apple juice every hour then 6 hours at 250 until 190 is reached. I am not sure I want to go up to 250 and I know I want to utilize the smoke setting on my Traeger but i don't want to leave myself with no time. Anyone try this? Also recommendations for pellets with pork butt? How much time and temperature should I plan for?
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    I do mine at 250 for 3 hours,then bump the temp up to 325 and pull at 205. Always fall apart tender and juicy.
  3. I'm doing the same tommorow, same cut and grill. How did yours turn out?

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