Boneless Leg of lamb

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  1. I want to try one sometime so I have a couple of questions. :).

    1. My wife is not fond of a strong Smokey taste so what kind of wood and how much should be used? I have hickory chunks at home but I could get something fruity or I think I can get pecan pretty easily around here.

    2. Is the 1 1/2 hour per lb estimate still a fair suggestion to estimate the cook time? I know its not an exact science, just curious. :). My uncle cooked one on his trager that got done a bit earlier than expected was still tasty though :)

    Of course this depends on if I have to work thus weekend or not and if I can find the lamb around here.
  2. My wife doesn't like strong smoke either. Her favorate for everything is apple, with cherry coming in second. Personally I like pecan for most things but apple is acceptable to me as well. Can't help you on cook times for lamb.
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  3. Apple or cherry will get you a milder flavor. Hickory's pretty strong, so you may wanna skip that for this one. Pecan is delicious, and milder than hickory, but I really like fruit wood for lamb. As for cook times, the times you mentioned sound more like cook times for brisket or pulled pork. With a boneless leg I'd do a reverse sear to about 135˚ then a 20 minute rest. (smoke at 225˚ to about 120˚ internal, then sear over hot coals to 135˚) That should get you a nice medium. Long slow cooking is good for breaking down connective tissue in tough meats, but it's really not necessary for lamb.

    Straight smoking at 225-250 would equate to about 30-40 minutes per lb I'd guess.
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  4. Have to agree with both the times and the wood. I haven't done one in awhile, but the last one I did at Christmas was with cherry, and done at 215-230*. 7# boneless and if I recall was about 5 1/2hrs. Pulled  at 140, but didn't use a reverse sear because I was just starting to experiment with bacon weaves. My son doesn't normally care for lamb, but that night he ate 3 pieces about 3/8"

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  5. Mom used to make great roasted leg of lamb and I always loved it. I am sure it would be outstanding smoked. I have to give this a shot.
  6. My wife loves lamb! I have never tried smoking it, have done very little smoking actually so I am trying whatever pops into my head that sounds good when I have time..:) Just not in any terribly expensive cuts..yet. I am not even sure if I will find any around here or not.

    I wasn't sure if the 1.5hrs/lb was more for pork/beef or not now I know....Thanks!
  8. Good luck man!  Make sure you take pics & ask any questions you have - there are lots of people here to help  [​IMG]
  9. It looks delicious!!

    Smoking b oh I will...if anything goes in I wll take pics...jusr waiting to find out if i have to work sunday or not :)

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