Boneless Faux ribs

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  1. For reasons unknown to me, I can get pork tenderloin here cheaper than any other cut, so looked around for a simple but different recipe. Came up with this from the Looneyspoons Collection(J&G Podleski). Also good for those looking to reduce fat intake, as this is done with a lean cut.

    Take the tenderloin and while partially frozen, flatten to about 3/4" using meat mallet or whatever you have(rolling pin, bottle, etc). Score about halfway through the loin at approx. 1" intervals

    Combine your favorite rub mix

    apply to both sides of the loin, ensuring it is worked into the cuts and allow to set overnight.

    Get the Que nice and hot, and cook on high temp for approx 10-15 mins or until IT160F. Using your favorite Q sauce, slather both sides and rotate to get nice grill marks. I also added a bit of hickory smoke, although I am not sure the 15mins made much difference. Don't overcook this as you will end up with a dried out bit of meat due to the low fat content.

    Allow to rest, 5-10 mins, then finish slicing the "ribs" along the score lines to make individual boneless ribletts and serve with your favorite sides.  

    Overall these came out nice and juicy, with good flavor. My wife really liked them, I still prefer a good rack of baby backs. But a good use for these cheap tenderloins up here. Happy smoking everyone. [​IMG]  
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    Brilliant idea! Around here tenderloins go on sale for 2.50/lb. Like you said, cheaper than most pork cuts and much healthier. I try to keep it healthy during the week and when I am craving bbq ribs, this could be a quick and healthy go to. Like you I think my wife would really like this... She never wants to eat pork tenderloin or pork chops when I make them but if I sold it as boneless ribs she would love it. Thanks for the directions and pics.
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    Genius !

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