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Discussion in 'Pork' started by jwsooner, Jun 29, 2014.

  1. jwsooner

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    Tried my hand at a boneless butt yesterday - my second attempt at pulled pork.

    Here it is all rubbed up the night before.  I used some butt rub I found at the store & added some garlic pepper to it.  I also injected it about 30 minutes before putting it on the smoker with the Chris Lilly injection recipe found below.

    I also added a little bit of apple juice to the pan to go along with the drippings.

    Below is prior to wrapping.  Wrapped it in foil with the drippings once it hit 160.

    The finished product once it hit 201.  I let it rest for a little over an hour loosely in the foil to cool down.

    Cut it up just a bit before pulling.

    Once I pulled it, I added a little bit of the drippings and a little BBQ sauce just for a little added pop. 

    Overall it was good - better than my first attempt.  It certainly had more flavor.  The rub had some bite to it.  Adding the apple juice to the pan may have made the drippings a little sweet.  The injection sure gave it a nice meaty flavor.  All in all, it got good feedback from the family.
  2. bobank03

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    it looks great. Something was missing though? (or at least I got that impression. Better than the last one, but)
  3. jwsooner

    jwsooner Newbie

    Need to get a little more bite into it or dial back the sweet.  If/when I inject the next one, I will probably dial back the salt.  It was borderline too salty for me.

    It really was good, though.
  4. Great looking pulled pork.

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