Boneless Beef Shank?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by eh1bbq, Aug 15, 2015.

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    Hey all,

    Have a 4.5 lb hunk of beef labelled as "beef leg" by the butcher. After taking it of the butcher paper, it looks like what I would call a boneless beef shank. It's definitely not round as all the round from the cow was cut into steak (and promptly used for jerky).

    That being said, anyone have any suggestions as to how to cook this? I have looked up beef shank cooking techniques and a lot of traditional cooking has different braising recipes. There is not a lot of talk about BBQ'ing these. I am curious though because I know it has a lot of connective tissue, which would point to cooking like a brisket, but it doesn't have as much fat as a brisket. (1 hunk through the middle and a cap, with minimal marbling). Obviously cooking med rare is not an option either, so what would you suggest SMF? Cooking like a brisket, and then wrapping it in order to get a bit of a braise/steam action going on? Start it on the grill and then finish in a pan in the oven for pulled beef? Ideally I'd like sliced or burnt ends kind of thing out of this, but not even sure it's possible. I'm up for experimenting, so either works. Thanks in advance!! :sausage:

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