Bone in leg of lamb

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    Started with a leg of good Montana raised lamb, washed, patted dry and plunge cuts of garlic cloves put into leg
    Then a thin coat of mustard, our homemade KC style rub with approximately 1TBSP of Italian seasons. This was supposed to be on the smoker in a couple hours but the Rocky Mountain front decided to throw 60+ mph winds at us, so wrapped and put in fridge until the next day.
    Ok, day two, peach and pecan wood on the ol' Smoke Vault, attempted to keep between 225-250 but the winds slowed by only about 20 miles and were quite swirly. Drizzled with a bit of balsamic vinegar prior to smoke which was for about four and a half hours to 148 degrees IT. Taken off and given a reverse sear on the Big Poppa grill
    Covered, rested and served with grilled asparagus, smoked Mac and Cheese and a couple grilled shrimp left over from rescue dinner last night.
    Good Eats
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    Tasty lookin meal ! Thumbs Up

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