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    Ever since my brother in law dated a South African lass, this has been one of my  favorite grilling sausages. It's a beef/pork combo flavored primarily with clove, pepper and vinegar. Traditionally it is not linked (i do it for convenience) rather it grilled in a coil. If like cloves you gotta give this one a go.

    The recipe is Len Poli's
  2. java

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    care to share the recipe?
  3. woodcutter

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    That is a good tasting sausage. We made 2 batches this winter and my share is gone. We used this

    My brother is going Africa in May and is going to round up some more recipes.

    Linking them is a better way to make them as flipping those coils is a pain. Nice to see someone else making Boerewors.
  4. dingo007

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    Sure, you can find a heap of recipes at Len Poli's it. Here's what i used;

    2.5kg Pork

    1.5kg Beef, Lean

    14g x Salt

    12g x Cloves, ground (i used 6g..plenty for me)

    12g x Nutmeg, ground

    12g x Pepper, cracked ( i used ground white)

    11g x Cure#1

    60ml x Vinegar ( i used red wine vinegar)

    30ml x Worcester sauce.

    the key to grilling these is med heat only and dont prick them or they will come out dry.

    Have fun

  5. disco

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    Great looking sausage. Another on the to do list for sure.

  6. dingo007

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    Thanks Woodcutter....i found a bunch of other Boerewors recipes on ..worth checking out. I'll do the coil every now and then if i've got a crowd coming around. But you're's a biatch to flip.

    If you get some nice authentic recipes please share
  7. Looks interesting, may have to give it a go.
  8. Nice sausages  [​IMG]   [​IMG]
  9. java

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    Thanks for the recipe, I usually try at least 3 new sausages a summer, and this is on my list!

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