Boar Galore & Lovely Wine!

Discussion in 'Winos & Wood Chips' started by leah elisheva, Jul 4, 2014.

  1. Happy 4th to this incredible pack of Winos!

    I smoked some wild boar chops today (see full thread in the "wild game" section of the forums) and paired that with an Aussie Shiraz, in keeping with my new "research" (maybe I'll blame it on Mick) and it was tremendous!

    And you?

    Kindly share what you're smoking and sipping, and make today fantastic!!!!!!

    Cheers!!!!! - Leah

  2. knuckle47

    knuckle47 Meat Mopper

    There was no free space left on either rack ...everyone was happy. 'Nuff said

    Interesting friend who had held this party has to sort recyclable bottles cans etc... Over 350 total... 31 wine bottles, 100+ water bottles , 20 soda bottles and over 200+ beer cans and bottles
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  3. Holy Wow (Knuckle47)!!!

    That is AMAZING!

    And I love the count/tally of empty libation containers!! What a blast!

    I'm so glad your event was a raging success! That photos is wild!

    Here's to everyone's 4th fare - keep sharing as it's wonderful to learn what everyone ate, drank, did, and so forth! A great group!

    Cheers!!! - Leah

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