Blue smoke , white smoke.

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    OK I've read a lot on here about blue smoke white smoke. What makes it blue or what makes it white. I have a 6ft. X 2ft. X 2ft. Cedar smoker. With a side box piped in. Thank you for any replys.
  2. TBS is good. White is not burning all of the way. It will make things taste nasty.

    Happy smoken.

  3. Well maybe I'm color blind or crazy, but I have been cold smoking for 30 years and never saw blue smoke.  I smoke with a nice clean white smoke and it's dont taste nasty.  
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    There is a difference.... You just may have not noticed it....

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  5. Ok this white smoke, blue smoke thing is bothering me... so I just went outside to check my smoker and I guess the smoke is not exactly white and not blue... It's somewhere between like gray... So I just stay with that... Gray smoke is better LOL
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      I use both, blue and white depending on the product being smoked.  Normally blue for long smokes, white for much shorter ones, then you have the tweener.

    Maybe the following will help.  Understanding Smoke Management - updated 5/18/13

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    Color can be subjective, especially gray.

    When I see gray I am not burning cleanly (sooty), when I see white I am burning a little cleaner, when I see what is referred to as TBS Thin blue smoke I am perfect.

    If you look at the pic that Dave posted and that looks like your (Gray) then you are good, but we call that (Blue)

    On my GOSM I go for a wisp of smoke at the most.

    On my stickburner, I don't want to see HARDLY any smoke at all.

    Then you got STEAM

    Higher heat cooks can sometimes confuse folks as they think the steam is smoke (much like folks that soak their chips, they think the steam is smoke), but you can tell the difference the way the steam behaves as it's heavier.

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  8. Yes this is what mine looks like.. It does look blue in this light.  Last night I'm outside looking with the flashlight in the snow and cold, oh what fun we have smoking! 

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