Blue Ridge, VA Weekend Q and Get together May 17th - 19th

Discussion in 'Events' started by hotnspicy, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. hotnspicy

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    I was ordering a sub at Subway today & saw something that you won't see at the cabin.  After I ordered I noticed everyone in line behind me was texting.  There have been many times leaving the cabin after a few days spent that I wish I didn't need to have a cell phone. 
  2. smokinclt

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    Perfect. I love to leave my cell behind once in a while. Unfortunately in my job I have to have it constantly with me. Can't wait to cook, fish, shoot the bow and just plain have fun. 
  3. smokinclt

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    Back to the top!

    You think it's about time to start thinking about menu? 
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  4. hotnspicy

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    Sounds like a good idea.  I know one lady that said she makes really good baked beans & she plans on just being their for afternoon/dinner time cause she has dogs she has to take care of.  If I have time I will try to bake some rolls for sandwiches or just buy some.  I will be happy to make up sausage gravy & biscuits for Saturday morning breakfast.  I still am waiting on confirmation from several people & a group of family that might come down from Mount Jackson.  I was thinking Friday night needs to be something that doesn't take long to cook like smoked chicken or shrimp or oysters.  I could make a nice batch of rice pilaf to go with that. 
  5. Actually tryin to type this on cell....and AB SOOO LUTELY agree!!! Said the very same thing to mom at chinese buffet other nite. All round us...NO one was conversatin'...everyone txting??? WTF? I will be GLAD to leave my cell @ home. (Am acutally USING cell for first time, trying to reply on this forum. Think I will wait till I get back home...)
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  6. to be continued...on regular
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  7. smokinclt

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    Thinking for saturday afternoon/night. 

    Ribs and ABT's

    We will bring the ribs and ABT's and probably some pork shoulder as well. Big cooler for Beverages filled up with ice. Smaller cooler for resting pork shoulder and of course the Lang and enough Hickory to last the weekend. Also have a canopy we will bring for shade and to cover the lang if we get rain. 
  8. hotnspicy

    hotnspicy Meat Mopper

    I should bring my canopy as well.  I know my buddy that is coming said he had ribs & some butts to bring too.  I have only smoked up one brisket so if you are good with those I might bring one & you can give me some pointers.  I should also make some cornbread.  I can do a traditional southern cornbread & a sweet one that any northern transplants will love.  We will need lots of bacon for the ABTs & I am not sure how you make yours but I mix half cream cheese & half cheddar for those.  I know Lynne said she is gonna bring baked beans but I will probably make up some & stick em in the smoker for a while.....well if we have room haha!

    We will have to carry out our trash so will need some large green trash bags.  There is a dump station a few miles up the road.  I think paper or plastic plates, cups & knives/forks/spoons are the way to go.  I have a couple water containers to bring for water to cook with.  I should bring a large drink cooler for ice tea drinkers which is what I drink during the day.  Will try to get some locally distilled beverage for later [​IMG]
  9. smokinclt

    smokinclt Meat Mopper

    Well we should have plenty of room in the smoker. It has held 10 pork shoulders and 9 racks of ribs and about 80 ABT's . I have a ton of paper plates and a whole box of utensils, and a few stacks of red solo cups left over from a recent block party. I can also bring a 5 gallon bottle of crystal springs as we get that delivered and would normally drink it/cook with it anyhow. Bacon is extra cheap at costco and I usually use less cheddar but we can mix that up. Love to try new things so lets go with your ABT recipe! I loooooove cornbread! Yumm! I never have quite mastered a cornbread recipe. Brisket is yummy too. I can usually cook a pretty mean brisket. Can't wait to try out everyones recipes/rubs. We can certainly throw that on as well. As for locally distilled beverages.. Mmmm Mmmm Good [​IMG]. [​IMG]

    Ribs, Butts, ABTs, Brisket, Cornbread, Smoked baked beans

    Water, Trash Bags, Plates, Utensils, Cups, Couple canopys, Smoker, Wood,Bear Claws (Pulling), Tin Foil and Foil Pans

    Sounds like we are gonna have to roll out of that place in a major Q coma! Can't wait. 
  10. Sounds like u have everything well thought out and under control.

    Of the things u listed, do u want others to bring some too, as in foil, water, trashbags, etc....or r u sayin u have that covered? I say always better to be safe than sorry :)

    Do u have general headcount yet? I'm 95% sure I'm coming & my friend is still waitin to hear if he can get off work. Sooooooo looking forward to escaping to nature!!!
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  11. hotnspicy

    hotnspicy Meat Mopper

    Bonnie I am still waiting on a final head count from people that I invited. So far there are not a whole bunch of people staying the weekend at the cabin.  I am sure a few people that I know locally will be spending Saturday there & going back home after dinner or later.  I did invite my step sister from Mount Jackson & she could come down with her husband & some of their kids.....who might bring their boy or girlfriend.  If they come there is a good chance my step dad will make it for Saturday.  So that could be a lot of people or not.  Neither is bad its just trying to figure out how much stuff/food to bring. 

    Did someone say they had a deep fryer?  I was going to bring a large electric griddle for breakfast stuff.  As far as what you could bring bonnie I would first just think about what you & your friend require.  Like I know I will have stuff to make tea cause thats what I drink so if you like Dr Pepper I would make sure you have that covered.  If your planning on making a dish or something on the smoker just make sure you have the stuff to make it.  I think as far as things like foil & plates it wouldn't hurt to bring a lil.  I know paper towels will be handy so I plan on bringing a few rolls....... oh & toilet paper :)  Bring a chair for sure!  I am gonna be packing similar to when I go camping.

    Oh we will have to clean up before we leave so its ready for the next group. 
  12. hotnspicy

    hotnspicy Meat Mopper

    I picked up a couple 7 lb butts on sale at Food Lion $1 lb for the cabin.  They had ribs on sale too but I could only get one rack.  I met the guy in the parking lot who just bout 12 :(  Actually I bought 15 butts total but I make dog food out of em for my mother's spoiled yorkies.  Waiting on a call from another friend that is coming & he has some stuff in the freezer so I will get that list.  He is bringing lots more than he will eat himself.  Oh I need to make SLAW!  I plan on getting more ribs & a brisket. 
  13. smokinclt

    smokinclt Meat Mopper

    Hang tough on the ribs. Costco sells em 3 racks for about 24 dollars St. Louis style. We will grab a couple packs. Awesome on the butts and slaw. I will make sure I load the top rack too looks like we will have a bunch going in. 

    Just got some fishing gear yesterday and we are all very jazzed about coming up. Cant wait!!
  14. smokinclt

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    Question for you... In NC I don't need to license/register the smoker as its not for hauling materials. Do I need to do this as a temp reg or have it done in NC to go through VA? 

    Tried calling the DMV but they are busy and I never seem to get through.
  15. solaryellow

    solaryellow Limited Mod Group Lead

    Print off the NC DMV laws as they pertain to "pig cookers" and put them in your glove box. They should grant you reciprocity should you get pulled over.
  16. smokinclt

    smokinclt Meat Mopper

    Awesome thanks solar
  17. Thanks for the reply and sorry I took so long to hit ya back.  Have had a sorta family 'crisis' with my elderly mother.  Nothing serious, but am hoping that it won't prevent me from coming.  And now, the person I had arranged to care for her while I'm gone is no longer available, soooo....I'm kinda in limbo at this point 

    I'm still amazed that there aren't more people interested in coming to stay the weekend.  It's such a beautiful place that you've offered....I just don't get it????  But God willing, I'll be there enjoying it. [​IMG]

    My friend will not, however.  Can't get off work.  Which kinda throws a wrench in my works since I really didn't want to make the drive by myself.  Not that I can't.  Just more fun with a co-pilot, yano??  LOL

    Looks like the NC gathering went well.  Maybe after people see how much fun they had, they will be more inclined to join us at THIS one !!  [​IMG]

  18. smokinclt

    smokinclt Meat Mopper

    Just over 2 weeks to go. Woo Hoo [​IMG]  Can't wait!!
  19. hotnspicy

    hotnspicy Meat Mopper

    Darn bonnie I am sorry to hear about your Mom.  I have been driving back & forth from the valley to the beach almost every weekend for 2 years to help take care of my mother after she had a stroke.  I am not complaining here but some folks have no idea what its like.  My mother required 24/7 care & when you are looking out for someone like that its almost like being in prison.  You can't just go up to the store to pick up something to cook.  You can't go anywhere.  My mother passed away 3 months ago & I would do it all over again if I could. 

    The only day I had to myself last year I took my nephew to the cabin & gave him his first shot gun & taught him how to use it.  The next day we did some hiking & I took him to Monticello on the way back to the beach.  Thats a big part of the reason I have been looking forward to this.  I really don't understand why there is so little interest.  I thought a bunch of folks would want to come.  Its free, its beautiful, you can camp, bring camper or sleep in the cabin & there are hotels & bed & breakfasts not too far away.  If you can't come then there will not be one person on this forum from VA there & smokinclt the only one that is coming. 

    I am still going to thoroughly enjoy myself.  I have one other friend that is coming from out of state that will be there on Friday.  There are a few people from the area that will come on Saturday but I waited to invite people to make space for people on the forum so it was too short notice for most of my friends.  We are also having a big party weekend on Smith Mountain Lake with boats & wave runners the following weekend.  Memorial day its 4 wheeling in Mt Jackson. 

    One thing is certain.  Those who come are gonna eat some great food & enjoy themselves.  You've seen the pics but nothing is better than being there.  In 15 years of having get togethers, parties, concerts, hunting, pig roasts & picnics not one person has left till they had to.  Everyone loves the place.  I will say a prayer for your Mom & cross my fingers & hope you make it!
  20. smokinclt

    smokinclt Meat Mopper

    Oh man I missed the part about your Mom Bonnie. Sorry to hear she is having difficulties. Hopefully you can still make it it looks to be a beautiful place. Amy and I as well as Nick 15YO Son are so excited to get the opportunity to come up. Can't wait to just relax, cook, shoot (bow or rifle) and fish that we are talking about it constantly. The food will be great as well. We are going to bring a bunch and so is HNS and that smoker is gonna be going all day long and probably into the evening as well. Gonna even bring flapjack mix (not pancakes they are much better) and eggs for breakfast. Might even try some smoke fried eggs. Yumm. 

    Most importantly I do hope your mother gets better and has no more issues. It is a very hard thing to have family that is not well. 

    Hopefully some additional VA folks will get out to check out the event even if its just a day trip. It looks like a fantastic location and HNS has done us all right by allowing us to come up and enjoy this amazing place. For that I am so completely grateful words cannot describe. 

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