Blue Ridge, VA Weekend Q and Get together May 17th - 19th

Discussion in 'Events' started by hotnspicy, Feb 27, 2013.

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    Well sadly the Sprint Cup All Star race is May 18th at 7:30 pm.  There are options.  When I am out there staining the cabin I can bring my computer & digtal TV antenna adapter & see if I can pick up the local Lexington or Staunton FOX station.  I would have a concern that being tucked up right next to the start of a mountain ridge there could be a problem with a line of sight signal to the broadcast tower.  Another option for him would be to take a 25-45 minute drive to find a bar that has it on.  Third option is what I have had to do over the years & listen to it on the radio.  I have no doubt there will be a station we can pick up there with the MRN broadcast.  That way he can DVR the race to watch when he gets back but still know whats happening minute by minute.  I watch every race I can or listen to it when I am not around a TV.  Hopefully he can survive but as a last resort maybe I can get a counselor to come out if he decides to come.  Just tell him there will be races every weekend till the fall but this will probably be the only time he gets to come hang out at this beautiful place!

    Next on the list is to change name of the topic.  I already had to get KathyrnN to fix my type-O on this thread so I will get that changed too.  Good idea!

    Lastly its so kind of you to offer to bring so much meat but you are already bringing the Lang 60 & a bunch of hickory.  I am not sure what you are driving but the additional gas its gonna cost you to drag that monster along will be a pretty penny.  I think as we get a month away we should start dialing in what we are all going to bring.  I hate to see good food go to waste.  I am sure we will have some good leftovers either way & I figure I can take whatever we don't wanna bring back with us could go to a church lunch program I have donated to before or some other good cause.
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    Bummer on the date. He has tix to the race so i doubt he will be wanting to miss it. I will ask a couple other guys and see what they have going on. 

    Thanks it just hit me when I was looking at my posts.. Maybe that will get people to start looking. 

    No worries on the meat. Happy to bring it and it would be great to have what is not eaten donated to a church group or other good cause. Heck maybe we can cook some extra pulled pork and donate it just to do it. Its not expensive and goes a long way. I am always up for donating to help folks out. Not to mention the fact that this is another way I feel we are contributing to the event. It is super nice of you to set this place up and that is worth a little more meat to me. [​IMG]

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    Nice the title changed. Now for a little bump. [​IMG]
  4. Yano...Doug might have hit on somethin when he mentioned the race. For NASCAR lovers, that's an important weekend and I'm sure there are plenty of "Q-ers" who are race fans (I am).  Just a thought as to why not more interest.....??

    I'm definitely still interested.  Just waitin for my friend to find out if he can get off work.  I don't really want to make that drive alone and camp by

    Being new at this, I dont know what i need to bring to contribute since I'll be living out of any suggestions are welcome!!

    BTW, how far away is a store with ice?

    Also, I like fishin but am more familiar with saltwater.  I have access to lots of freshwater rods and tackle but dont want to bring it what would I need?  Never fished in a river


  5. smokinclt

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    First you wont e alone camping. Me, my GF and her son will be there. On the fresh water i would say some spinners and small hooks and weights small test line as well. We should be able to find a bait store nearby if we want to get nigh crawlers or earthworms or whatever the bait of choice is. If we want some cats we can use chicken and hotdogs. Hmm I think I might need to bring the propane fryer and some peanut oil so we can do a fry or a boil. I have one and I have 3 propane tanks and I have about 11 Gallons of peanut oil. So that is another thing we can do. 

  6. hotnspicy

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    Glad to see you are still interested bonnie!  We can get ice 5 miles or so down the road at the Deerfield Mall.  When you see this place you are gonna laugh because its no mall at all!  There is a refrigerator at the cabin but of course it can only hold so much.  I am also going to bring a double burner propane stove & some long fold out tables.  I think everyone should bring an extra fold out chair too if they have one.  Also bonnie there are 3 bedrooms too which are open atm if Doug is planning to camp. 

    As far as what you can bring I think we should figure it out after we know who all is onboard for this. 
  7. Great to know I'll have company and thanks for the tackle info, Doug.  And it's comin back to me now....WORMS!!!  Forgot about usin

    Still lookin for suggestions on what or how to contribute...anyone??
  8. LOL...typin that during commercials, so didnt see ur post, HNS. Makes sense to wait. Thanks for the BR offer but will bring tent just in case.

    PS - do y'all usually do a group breakfast or is it "every man for himself?"  Can ya TELL I'm a foodie?? LOL
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    We can probably get bait at the Deerfield Mall.....which is a lil smaller than a typical 7-11.  I have to go out there to stain the cabin soon so I will stop by there & make sure or just bring some.
  10. smokinclt

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    OK We will reserve a Bedroom or loft whichever works. Tent isnt in great shape and with the Lang in tow I can't tow anything else.. Good to see this one picking up a little steam. Still very glad to be a part of this. 

  11. hotnspicy

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    Alrighty then Doug you have the master suite which consists of 2 older twin beds that you & your wife can slide together side by side :)  Maybe bring a box fan to stick in a window in case its hot but if not you will probably be fine.  The air coming over the mountain to the valley there gets cooled off as it goes to the cabin.  I have lived out that way for 12 years & seldom needed AC to sleep.  The bottom line is the cabin is as awesome as the pics depict.  Its has always been a magical destination for me.  There is something about a place right out in nature with a few added luxuries that leaves a lasting impression on anyone who visits.  Of course its all what you make of it but its got the basics & simple. 
  12. smokinclt

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    Wow thank you!. I think we will be just fine. Basics are more than enough and the location looks absolutely stunning. Hopefully wont be too hot in may but might bring a little fan anyhow. 

    Thanks again!
  13. hotnspicy

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    I have a couple more good prospects to attend.  They aren't bbq smoker cookin folks but we will need victims for the Q Coma hex.
  14. smokinclt

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    Awesome. Definitely gonna need some Q coma victims. 
  15. hotnspicy

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    Start practicing your 2 finger steering wheel wave to oncoming traffic.  You will be surprised how many people are gonna wave at you on these back roads to the cabin.
  16. smokinclt

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    I got my wave perfected. Have to go out and get some freshwater gear this weekend so we can do some fishing as well. 
  17. hotnspicy

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    Inland Fish & Game are pretty much the police out there.  What do police do?  Write tickets :(  If you wanna play it safe you can get your fishing license online here or there is a Walmart at the exit you will most likely be taking to get to the cabin.  Its right off I-81.
  18. smokinclt

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    ok I will play it safe. I'd prefer to get a license anyhow as some of the money does go to keeping wildlife happy and conserving land. I like wildlife it tastes good. [​IMG]
  19. dougmays

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    Looks awesome! if i lived closer i'd head up there with y'all
  20. smokinclt

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    Getting closer to the time. Can't wait it's gonna be fun. 

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