Block party brisket.

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  1. Have a block party tomorrow and everyone is bringing a dish. I decided to do 2 briskets. I have done a total of 2 before, 1 each time. Both were in the 16lb range, both cooked low at varying temps for close to 24 hours. Came out awesome and everyone loved them(still asking me to cook them one). Seriously best cut of meat I have ever had.

    Now to my question, I bought these as packers from Smart and Final for $2.37 per lb for those interested. They are going in my Master Forge 2 door propane burner. I have cut both in half, 1 point end @ 7.0lbs, 1 point end @ 5.4lbs, 1 flat end @ 4.2lbs and the final flat end @ 5.2lbs for a total weight of 21.8lbs going into the smoker. My question is do I use the 1.5-2.0 hours per pound on each individual piece or combined weight of everything in the chamber? I know about cooking to temp but I don't want these to end up being done WAY to soon and then having to reheat. I was planning to start them now at 3 pm Friday and we plan on eating around 3 pm tomorrow afternoon. My last 2 that I did were started around 10am at 225 then around 6 or 7pm in the evening the temp was turned down to 180-190 range to relax for the night then bumped back up in the morning as we approached the finish line and a 2-3 hour rest. Both flats will be in the upper part of chamber and the 2 heavier points will be in the middle area of chamber. Not using a water pan but 6 foil wrapped bricks instead. I also have a foil drippings catch pan that a bunch of the chopped up and trimmed fat will go into to render along with some of the rub I'm using. Also cooking these fat cap down.

    So am I timing these based on 1.5-2.0 hours for total weight or for each individual piece. Forgot also that these will be removed around 205-210F to be pulled and the points will be scalped for burnt ends a little earlier.
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    I'm not an expert , but I would say you have to treat each piece as an individual. Those flats are smaller and thinner and I would think they'd be done a bit sooner . And those big points will need more time according to their weight. At least that makes sense to my tiny little brain.
    I would be probing those smaller pieces after about 8 or 9 hours....just to make sure they don't get away from ya! Good luck. :grilling_smilie:
  3. I would start probing in the 6 hour mark on the flats .... The points at the 9 hour mark... But that's on my smoker and i know how it cooks ... Cook to color and feel ...
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    6 hours. Probably even better sense waiting too late.
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    Keep in mind that you can keep these things wrapped and toweled in a cooler for 3 to 4 hours with no problem. And yes, each piece not total weight for cook time.
  6. Thanks, that's what I thought but I read somewhere else that it was by total mass in the chamber.
  7. Gonna start them at 6pm tonight at 225F then kick the temp down to 180F after they hit the 140F mark. I like the results with slow and since that is the official speed limit of our favorite island, Caye Caulker in Belize for both vehicles and people it works out great. Allows more time for drinking beer.
  8. 8pm they went in.
  9. 12:30 am, all 4 @ 145-148 I.t.
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    Looking good , bro. :grilling_smilie:

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