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    Hi Folks. I am Steve the blind meat cutter in Denver Colorado. I use to have a weber smoky mountain but couldn't justify using all that coal for one or two people to eat. Now I am looking into the masterbuilt electric or the old smoky electric. I talked to the people at masterbuilt today and they told me about the 30 inch unit. I am wondering if anyone has used this unit in an enclosed screened patio. That is what I will have when I move to a new apartment. My concern on the old smoky is that it is a sealed unit and I am afraid of bitter old smoke being trapped in it. Now I will have a fan sucking the smoke out of the patio. I want to talk on the phone with some people who have used the master built and ask you some questions. thanks
  2. I have the MES 40 that I use in my shop. I use a AMNPS for smoke. Trust me when I say you want to upgrade with a AMNPS. You are welcome to call me. I will PM you my number.

    Happy smoken.


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