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    This smoker started out life as a hospital blanket warmer. I figured it was a good candidate for a smoker since it was all stainless construction and was well insulated with dense fiber glass panels.

    The original analog controls and heat elements were undersized for a smoker, so I replaced them with a 2400 watt, 240 Volt oven element, PID controller w/ thermocouple, and an SSR.

    The Taylor digital thermometer is for monitoring the meat temperature.

    The box on the lower right side contains a pellet hopper, gear motor, timer module, and feed auger. When the smoke generator is switched on, it feeds pellets inside to a combustion tube that contains a separate 100 watt heater element to ignite the pellets and keep them smoldering. The timer module cycles on and off that is adjusted for optimum pellet feed rate. Ashes collect in another metal box underneath.

    I added an air inlet and outlet with manual damper controls, since it came without vents. Originally it had a separate upper and lower compartments. The partition was removed to make one large compartment.

    I installed it in the basement of my house. As it turns out, the doors seal tightly and there is very little smoke leakage. Just enough aroma to let you know something good is cooking inside.

    So far, I have smoked deer sticks, summer sausage fatties, and an easter beef brisket with very good results.



  2. How are you venting the smoke from the top of the smoker.  It looks like you are using the flue of your furnace.
  3. daveomak

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    ph, morning.....  Great build.... looks good... the controls are sweet....    glad you stopped into the forum....   great folks here willing to help with any questions you may have and willing to learn from new folks that have stuff to share...  

    Are you willing to share the details of your build ???? everyone will be interested in the feed system parts, feed rate, etc....    Also we love pictures, lots of pictures, especially finished product...

    Enjoy the long smokey ride.... 

  4. sunman76

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    [​IMG]  sweet build!
  5. It's like that thing was destined to be a smoker. Nice.
  6. frosty

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    Cool idea!  Looks like it's big enough to smoke for a heck of a crowd!  [​IMG]
  7. roller

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    That is one of the best looking smokers I have ever seen...Nice Choice !!!
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    Very nice! I'm curious about the venting, too. I thought about making mine a permanant fixture in the garage, but I didn't want to have to punch a vent hole in the siding or roof.
  9. processhead

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    This smoker is vented out the top, and yes, it is connected to my furnace flue stack. Just using flexible 4" dryer vent for the connection. I think the good draw on the stack helps manage any excess smoke issues inside the house.  I had some reservations about creosote build-up but so far it has not been an issue. I continue to monitor it. Your milage may vary.

    I would be happy to share information on any aspects of this build.
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  10. cdldriver

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    I would love to see all the details of this build. and were did you get the parts and numbers would be great.  BTW great build
  11. processhead

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    Here's a parts list for the electrical and some of the mechanical parts.

    I have a schematic and will try to get it scanned and posted.
     Smoker Parts List  
    Dwg No.QtyDescriptionVendor
    11Chip Feeder,  Gear MotorBurden Surplus Center
    21Feeder Drive Sprocket, 12T 3/8 BORE 25P SPROCKETBurden Surplus Center
    31Driven Sprocket, 11T 1/4 BORE 25P SPROCKETBurden Surplus Center
    41#25-10 10' BOX OF #25 ROLLER CHAINBurden Surplus Center
    5160 Minute Adjustable On/Off Cyclic Timer (Kit)
    61120 VAC to 12 VDC Wall Power Supply (for timer above)Burden Surplus Center
    71100 watt Chromalox Heater Element (Chip Igniter/ Burner)Salvage
    81Chip Auger, Bulb Planting Auger 1/4" Shaft x 16" x1-1/4"garage sale
    91Main Heating Element, 2400 watt 240 Volt Oven Elementebay
    101N.C. High Temperature Cutout Switch 130 degree C KSD301ebay
    111PID Controller with SSR outputebay
    121Solid State Relay, SSR 240 VAC 20 Amp or Greater DC inputebay
    131Type J Thermocouple or RTDebay
    141Meat Thermometer, Taylor Digital Thermometer w/ probeTarget
    1514" Muffin FanSalvage
    162Fuse HolderSalvage
    172Fuse, NON-15  15 Amp FuseSalvage
    181Main Power Switch, DPST Toggle Switch 20 Amp 240VACSalvage
    192Smoker, Fan Switches, SPST 20 AmpSalvage
    Minor Parts, Connectors, Fasteners and Fabricated Hardware not included in this list. 
    Electrical Specifications are minimums, 
    Substitutions can be made for many of the parts listed. 

    These links to the catalog cut sheets were supposed to be included with the parts list, but I had problems with getting it all on the screen.


    Smoke Generator Mechanical Drawing

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    PH, morning and thanks from a lot of folks who will appreciate the parts list and drawing....   [​IMG]....  There are many of us that can build things with a little direction and a tutorial that you have provided...  and we can be totally helpless without it...   Dave
  13. processhead

    processhead Fire Starter

    Added a couple drawings to one of my replies. One is a mechical drawing of the chip feeder/smoke generator. Also a cleaned up wiring diagram.
  14. Now That Is an Awesome Idea!! How cool is that to have a smoker in the basement?? I wonder if I could wheel out the blanket warmer next time I am at the hospital without them noticing......[​IMG]
  15. BEST



    A friend of mine discovered a surplus blanket warmer years ago. I told him if he didn't buy it I would. He bought it (for $100) and was good enough to let me help with the conversion. It has since spent most of it's time outside and I am not too sure if it even works anymore. I have left the area and tried a freezer conversion (that I am not too happy with). I have always kept my eyes open for another blanket warmer but haven't had any luck.
  16. Where did you find this unit? and may I ask how much you paid?

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