Blake Shelton takes on PETA in Twitter showdown

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    Maybe the PETA folks think any publicity is good publicity but taking on the quick-witted Blake Shelton in a war of words on Twitter isn’t the kind of publicity they want.

    Things started off nicely enough: “Hello @peta2…. Allow me to introduce myself… My name is Blake Shelton. This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship!!!

    They certainly established a relationship, but not a beautiful one. In the dozens of tweets, PETA extremist position has made them look foolish, and Shelton looks foolish too — but doesn’t care. In fact, he tweeted: Y’all know of any other tree huggin, bunny lovin groups I can p— off?

    Then when PETA allegedly banned Shelton he tweeted: As it turns out I’m really all they have.. Ha! What a bunch of dips—s!

    Here are a few of the exchanges:

    PETA: Thanks 4 spreadin’ the word, animal testing breaks hearts!
    SHELTON: So does a 30-06 at 150 yards!!!
    PETA: 10 simple things u can do 2 make ur yard more appealing 2 wildlife
    SHELTON: Thanks!!! Any tips on cooking them after I blast’em?
    PETA: What’s ur favorite dumb comment?
    SHELTON: It’s really not a comment it’s a word… It’s spelled PETA….
    PETA: Only animals should wear fur!
    SHELTON: Yeah, but they hide all the meat under there!!
    PETAL: There’s nothing funny about BBQing cats.
    SHELTON: Ha! Ha! Sorry but when you say it like that it is damn funny! Ha!
    PETA: Meat is Murder!
    SHELTON: Yes, delicious murder….
    PETA: Fish are our friends not our food. Sea Kittens have feelings too
    SHELTON: Now I have a craving for fried catfish….
    PETA: Impaling fish with hooks = cruelty.
    SHELTON: Enduring that stupid comment = cruelty:
    PETA We don’t believe in hunting, anyone or anything
    SHELTON: Me either!! That’s why I use bait to make deer come to me!!
    But a comment slamming the military did seem to strike a nerve with Shelton and he tweeted: Dear PETA.. Picking on our U.S. Military now? You’ve reached a new level of dips—ness!. Go back to fast food and sex with gerbels…
    PETA: Feeling like a beached whale this summer?
    SHELTON: More like a clubbed seal….

    And speaking of whales, PETA’s billboard illustration of an obese white woman at the beach that said, “Save the Whales, Lose the Blubber: Go Vegetarian,” drew some angry protests.

    For the record, becoming a vegetarian does not guarantee that you’ll be thin. You can still make really bad food choices and refuse to exercise and be not only overweight but pretty darn unhealthy, too. Many people who are vegetarians also take very good care of themselves and practice a healthy lifestyle, which may make folks assume that they’re thin because of what they eat. They’re not. They’re thin because they practice an all-around healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise and good food choices.

    But Shelton is no fool and he knows he won’t lose any fans because he decided to take PETA on. In fact, he tweeted: Man who’d of thought a little old drunken country singer could cause such a stir in the tree huggin world… Ha! I love this country…..
  2. fire it up

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    Thanks for posting this, some really funny lines.

    peta, I'm not even going to get started on those maniacs, those people really need a hobby other than anger and emotionally destroying children with some of their ad campaigns.
    Like the McDonalds murder box they handed out to kids, contained a picture of an evil Ronnie McD slaughtering chickens and other disgusting things that ANY sane person wouldn't show to a 4 year old kid.
  3. meat hunter

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    Years ago, I used to email peta at least once a week. I would ask them what the best way to cook veal was or if they had any good recipes for chicken, stuff like that. Oh man, did I get some good responses back. LOL. In one email, they asked me why I was writing to a group like theirs with the questions I was asking. I told them because this is peta, people eating tasty animals, and it sounded like a good place to get info. They informed me that that was NOT was peta stood for. Oh man, I miss those days of harrassing those idiots. I think its time to start another letter writing session. Only this time, I will be able to send them pics of my Q's and get their input[​IMG]
  4. scarbelly

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    I think it would be fun to have an email campaign sending them qview from all over the country[​IMG]
  5. mossymo

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    Then we have a thread where we just post PETA replies to our emails !!!
  6. zopi

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    yeah..I live here pretty close to the darkest pit of PETA hell...Norfolk Virginia...God, what morons..

    If yer gonna be a vegevegan or whatever that's fine..but get out of my face with it..or I WILL pour BBQ sauce on your cheap naughahyde.....SAve the NAUGA!
  7. bigsteve

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    From here it only looks like a battle between morons. I have issues with PETA, but Sheltons' remarks are such that he makes those who believe in humane harvesting of animals to appear childish and combative. I wish he would have kept his mouth shut. PETA always looks silly, now the other side does too.

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