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  1. Just curious as to what y'all's experieince is with Pork shoulder "blade" roasts?  I did my first one yesterday, a small 3.5 lbs.  It did not come out nearly as well as some of my other pork smokes (butt, picnic, etc.).  Wondering if this was me, or the meat.  IF anyone has some experieince with this cut and how it tends to differ, I'd be really interested.  I also will be traveling down to my brother's place in Iowa in a couple weeks and he has a larger blade roast (about 5.5 lbs) that he wants me to smoke for him, so curious to get some tips as how to make it turn out better than mine!

  2. The times I have seen Blade Roast, it was really a Boston Butt just called different things in some areas. Same as blade steak, just a sliced butt
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    According to @Pops6927  Shoulder Blade Roast is the new name for Boston Butt since it actually applies to the part of the animal it came from (Butts don't come from the butt [​IMG]). It should have still had the piece of the shoulder blade left in it that a Boston Butt always has (unless it was a boneless cut)
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  4. OK, I guess this makes some sense.  Was just surprised because the piece of bone was so much smaller and it was only 3.5 lbs!  I also didn't use my usual injection and only took it to 195 IT, instead of 200-205...maybe that was the difference.  It was also in the freezer for  few months before I fully thawed it out a couple days ago.  Maybe one of those was a factor...
  5. If it was a whole butt that small then it was probably from a young pig and didn't have much fat. Or it could be anything you mentioned or just a non "normal" piece of meat. Sometimes cuts just don't act like they should
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    What you had was probably a half of a pork blade butt roast.  The reason the bone was smaller was that it was cut in half and you didn't get the full blade bone as you would see in a whole butt.  You can call it a pork butt, a pork shoulder blade roast or a pork shoulder Boston Butt and they are all the same.  A whole pork butt can run from 6 to 9 pounds on average depending how it's trimmed.  Reinhard
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    More and more retailers slice several pork steaks off a blade shoulder roast, then package and sell the rest vs. putting the end into pork stew or sausage.  The best muscle group is removed around the blade bone.  

    The correct nomenclature for the sub primal is now blade shoulder roast.  The term "butt" has been eliminated as that was the method of shipping in Colonial times, in "butts" (barrels).

    New Nomenclature (as of July, 2013):  http://api.viglink.com/api/click?fo...ages.bimedia.net/documents/pork+name+list.pdf

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