Blackeyedpigs Pork Shoulder W/Qview

Discussion in 'Pork' started by fourthwind, May 24, 2010.

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    I was fortunate enough to get an 8 oz package of this from Bill as a trial. Your initial response when you open the foil bag is "WOW" The use of Cinnamon in the rub certainly sets it apart from any rub that I had tried or created before. It did remind me of a few authentic Portugese meals I was fortunate to have had over the years. Anyhow, here is what I did. Aquired a 9 pound shoulder. (non flavor enhanced) I took 1 Tbsp of the rub and mixed it with 10oz of apple cider, and injected it into the shoulder. Slathered with Mustard, and applied a liberal amount of the rub to the outside. Shoulder got a rest overnight in the cooler. 6AM this morning the shoulder hit the smoker with coal, and a mix of hickory & apple wood.

    The Rub..

    One hour into the smoke. Spritzing with a mixture of apple juice, apple cider vinager, and honey.

    Pulled it at 165° and put it into the foil tray and covered.

    Continued to cook until 195°. (Please note that at my altitude 195° works for pulling versus 205° and no it's not the thermometers!) Wrapped and rested for an hour.

    Boned pulled clean.

    A few minutes later with the bear paws in action I have a pan full of pulled pork goodness.

    A summation of the Blackeyedpigs Cinnamon Chipotle rub. This for me was a unique flavor profile. You get a pretty big slap in the face when you open the package of the cinnamon and sugar, but once it has transformed itself into a bark it changed it's profile considerably. The Cinnamon is there but it takes a back seat to the sweet heat that the turbinado and Chipotle give off. It's kind of like a cargo train of flavors coming by. First you taste the sweet, then a second later you get the peppers and heat, then the little after kick of cinnamon comes in to play. In other words the bark was awesome! What I did not get from this was a good penetration of rub flavor into the meat. Even with a bit of it mixed into the injection. It did however pair well when I introduced some finishing sauce to a few ounces of meat in a bowl. Over all I give this rub an A-. Great bark flavor but little penetration using my methods. I do think however that this rub will be outstanding on Ribs. That will be my next smoke with this Rub.

    Thanks for checkiing out my Q.
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    sounds & looks really great!!! nice Q-view, too! I would have never thought of cinnamon.
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    Yummy looking' eats [​IMG]
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    Man that is some great looking PP. Thanks for the review on the rub...[​IMG]
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    As an update, the Pulled pork from this made great Carnita's [​IMG]

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