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  1. I know everyone blasts freezing meet, but when I go to Sam's or find a deal on meat I am not always ready for a smoke.  I do have a 6 lb very nice looking flat that I am going to smoke.  I have smoked about 4-5 briskets with varying results, not the fireworks jubilant expectation I would expect, but I have never been able to slice it fast enough to feed my girls.  I take that as a positive and they never tell me to stop.  I have liked the brining as it adds juice and moisture.  Have never wrapped in foil and put in a cooler but will try it this time.  I am assuming 1.5 hours per lb (I don't have a digital meat thermometer but I do have a meat dial thermometer).  If any of you have a decent brine recipe I would like some ideas.  I have never been afraid to try something, I usually eat what I cook.  I have been told 1 cup salt 1 cup sugar to a gallon of water.  About the freezing: I may have to change my operation if there is a difference, and there probably is with moisture content.  I will try it both ways and see what happens.
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    I have several brine recipes.   I brine for 3-5 days min.  I also buy my meat in bulk especially tri tip because where I buy it, it is untrimmed so it has a nice cap of fat on it.  I don't see that big of difference between the frozen and fresh but I always vaccum pack them and use within the month.

    My basic brine

    Either apple juice or water 8 cups, 

    1/2 cup brown sugar,

    1/8 to 1/4 cup sea salt or kosher salt 

    1 teaspoon cure #1 I call it pink salt. 

    Add your favorite seasonings 1 tablespoon of each remember that is alot of liquid to flavor.

    Turkey Breast

    4 cups of ginger ale Hansens use only Hansens best flavor (I use diet because husband is diabetic

    4 cups cranberry juice

    1/2 cup brown sugar

    1 tablespoon each of poultry seasoning, garlic powder, and onion powder

    1/8 to 1/4 cup sea salt

    1 teas pink salt

    Teryaki Brine for pork ribs or steak

    4 cups Hansens ginger ale

    1/2 cup dark brown sugar

    1 cup soy sauce

    1 teaspoon cure #1

    1 tablespoon of each

    onion powder, cloves, and onions powder

    1 teaspoon ground ginger or dried ginger root.

    Hope you like these.  Everyone here has their own favorite recipes and all are good
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  3. Thanks for the recipes.  It takes me a bit longer to get to the freeze well maybe 6 months lol.  like I said, I buy when price is good and buy a lot.  Sometimes I hanker for ribs or pork roast or turkey, or ... so the certain cuts may wait a while.  I have never noticed a difference in steaks and I have grilled 2 year old steaks that were great.  Depends probably on if the plastic or paper keeps the moisture.  Thanks again.  

    P.S.  Do you use Cabelas Rubs.  At least two are my favorite.
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    I have never tried that seasoning I usually just make up my own.  You just have to remember to add sufficent seasoning because you are diluting them way down in liquid.  You could do a dry cure for beef.  A lot of people on this site do that and like it but I have never tried it. Because my husband is diabetic I use diet gingerale and Splendia brown sugar. 
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    I buy meat all the time when it's on sale and freeze it for later use.
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    I have no problem with froze meat.  Just thaw correctly in the fridge and go to it.  I always wrap in foil and cooler for one hour min.  The results are very consistant.  Internal temps to slice 190-195F,

    205 F to pull.  Reserve the juice and defat for a nice sauce.  No need for something special just a good rub.  Unlike some I do inject my brisket with 2tbs of rub to one cup of apple juice.  If you inject you should get to 140F in 4 hrs or less.  Smoker temp 225-250 F for me and no probs. 
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    We shop Costco and Safeway for sales and then freeze them. As stated above just thaw correctly and you will be fine.
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    I love to put meat in my freezer, I am such a meat hoarder!

    Consider investing in a digital thermo, I couldn't live without mine.
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    We have 2 freezers full of frozen meat.
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  11. I agree with the meat hoarder, I love to stuff a freezer and then have what I want when I want.  I thaw my meat be leaving in at room temperature until thawed.  Is there a better way?  I also don't have a problem with meat aging two-three days (especially steaks) as that does tenderize the meat a bit.  Thanks for all of your good advise.  By the way, I have never smoked a fatty nor did I know what one was until I studied it yesterday.  Guess what I will attempt in the next month or so.  Do they look good or what.  
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    I put everything in the freezer including candles!!!!  Everyone has their own individual way of doing things.  There is no wrong or right way only your own way.
  13. What temperature do you wrap the brisket?

  14. You're one up on me.  I still haven't figured out what a fattie is, but I will someday.  Too many other good things to smoke before then.  On this board we love to see pictures.  We call them Q-Views.  Send us some of yours.  We would love to see them.
  15. I will gladly do that.  The icon is a picture of smoked jalapenos that I did for Christmas-New Years.  They were good.  Not impressed with the mushrooms.
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    I plead the 5th....
  17. This is my Presidents Day Brisket.  It was the last of the holiday smoke.  My eldest daughter came with her husband and 3 kids so I had to have meat for them.  This is by far the best brisket I have ever done (4th or 5th).  I will definitely wrap them in foil for now on.  It just pulled apart, difficult to slice.

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  18. I'm drooling at that pan of juices.  Give me a loaf of bread and i'll be a happy camper.  Great gravy that night I suspect. 

    The brisket looks great also, but you're right, you need to wrap and protect your star attraction while fixing up the balance of the meal.  I'm betting dinner that night was exceptional.
  19. It will be tonight.  

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