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Discussion in 'Woods for Smoking' started by grease, Apr 2, 2014.

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    i just received some bitternut hickory for my smokers, i have not used this type of wood yet and have a few questions in regards to the wood. i know that it is a good wood to use but some of the logs i have look to have some moldy looking stuff on the outside of it along with moss. is this OK to use? do i need to get rid of the bark? anyone that can assist me with these questions would be great!!! thanks!!!!!
  2. @grease

    Is it lichens rather than mold?
    Do you have pics?

    Regardless, in my opinion, it's best to remove the bark.
  3. I agree with Martin  ^^^   get rid of the bark  [​IMG]

    & yes post some pics so we can see for sure what you have.
  4. grease

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  5. @grease,
    Yeah, It's mostly lichens with a bit of algae and moss.

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  7. As I said above, I'd remove the can give off-flavors.
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