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  1. I have a 22.5 WSM and smoked two pork butts and they have a bitter smoke taste. I used kingsford charcoal and used the method of putting a chimney of hot coals in the middle of the charcoal. I used apple wood and just put a piece on top of the hot coals and made sure it was burning before putting the meat on. I have used the WSM since Dec with good results but the last couple times my chicken and ribs and now my butts have a bitter smoke taste. I open the bottom and top vents up all the way till it gets to 230-250 and then adjust the bottom vents down to under half way and leave the top open all the way. I am looking for some feed back please.Thank you.
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    Usually a bitter flavor stems from creosote forming in your chamber.  Others will be along to analyze this for you.  How seasoned is your applewood?  If it is under 1 year, that could be the problem; green wood leaves a bitter taste.
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  3. The apple wood is a couple years old, I know thats not the problem. Im thinking its the charcoal smoking when its getting lit from the lit charcoal. The smoker had white smoke rolling out of it.
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    I agree with the creosote. I had the same issue with an old brinkmann smoker. Once I cleaned it out, the bitter taste went away. Also, you want to make sure that you have good air flow. You don't want the smoke to be stagnant inside the smoker. Stagnant smoke will lead to creosote buildup. I always leave my top vent on my WSM all the way open for good air flow.

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